Alchemy Tips: Taurus New Moon Wishes

The New Moon starts Friday, May 6th! What a fantastic opportunity to plant our own ‘new beginnings’ for the next month or for the rest of the year. Set up powerful new wishes and affirmations to give yourself the extra ‘boost’ that Astronomy & Astrology line up for us!

My favorite source for New Moon wishes is the book, “New Moon Astrology; The Secret of Astronomical Timing to Make All Your Dreams Come True,” by Jan Spiller.

New Moon Power

Jan Spiller helps us to understand the significance of the New Moon ‘wishing power’ and reminds us that this phase of the moon is the ‘Maiden Goddess,’ for new beginnings and fresh starts.

In my previous blog, Alchemy Tips: New Moon Wishes, we reviewed the quality essences of the ARIES New Moon. For this month, we will look at the quality essences of TAURUS, as our New Moon sits in the ‘bull’ energy. Taurus qualities will be enhanced during this time, so we can direct our New Moon Intentions to take advantage of this help.

Reminder: Spiller suggests that we make our wishes within 48 hours of the New Moon, for full strength potency. See 2016 New Moon schedule here

Journal Entry; google image
Journal Entry; google image

How to Set Your Wish Intentions

As we excitedly set up our wishes for this New Moon cycle, Spiller has some suggestions for us.

  • Know that your wishes can be for any length of time; one month, 6 months, 1 year
  • Make your wishes within 48 hours of the activation of the New Moon energy
  • Try to keep your list of wishes under ten individual wish statements
  • If you focus a couple of your wishes in one area, you increase the power of that wish intention
  • Do not combine more than one focus in a single wish statement (quit fatty foods and start exercising – not recommended to have two focuses in one wish)
  • WRITE them down and keep them in your New Moon Journal
  • You can use condition words like “easily,” “gracefully,” “quickly,” etc. in your descriptions of wish intents
  • Her favorite sentences begin with, “I want to easily find myself…” finish with desired situation (enjoying exercise daily; embracing a next, better job)
  • To take negative traits OUT, Spiller suggests using words like, “I want all inner resistance to ____ totally lifted from me,” or “I want all impatience totally lifted from me,” for example.
  • Use what you know are the qualities of the Astrological sign the New Moon is in at the time to enhance or release those qualities in your life
Taurus the bull, art by Silvia Hartmann
Taurus the bull, art by Silvia Hartmann


With a Taurus New Moon, let’s look at what types of qualities we could enhance:

Taurus (the Bull) are known for (positive qualities):

  • Nature Lover
  • Material Success
  • Gratitude
  • Sensuality
  • Trustworthiness
  • Determination
  • Strong Values
  • Patience

You could choose to focus on enhancing and attracting more of these positive qualities into your life experience.

Taurus (the Bull) are known for (negative qualities):

  • Inflexibility
  • Stagnation
  • Dogmatism
  • Argumentative
  • Possessiveness
  • Over-expectations

You could choose to eliminate these negative qualities by statements that release and lift these qualities from your inner being.

Explore and be honest with yourself, and I am confident you will discover powerful New Moon wish intentions that, once planted in your subconscious/conscious minds and with Cosmic Universe assistance enlisted – will lead you to graceful and dynamic changes over the next few months and years.

Blessings, Robin