About Robin

Robin MorlockRobin Morlock

Spiritual Alchemist, Intuitive Healer, Metaphysical Teacher & Writer

As a Spiritual Alchemist, Robin blends the sacred with science in her teaching and writing. With over twenty-four years of extensive training in Mayan Shamanism, Christian Mysticism, Vedanta, and Energetic Healing, Robin provides classes that are informative, fun and transformational.

She is fortunate to have learned from authentic and powerful Master Teachers over the years, such as Selena Rodriguez and Starr Fuentes.

Robin is also a Dream Visionary, and she has traveled in the Astral Planes learning and participating in planetary healing since the age of seven.

Exciting classes offered!

  • Dreams: Recall, Lucid & Travel
  • Soul Journey 1: Clearing & Realignment
  • Soul Journey 2: Purpose & Destiny
  • Spirit Guides
  • Galactic Cosmic DNA Library Tour
  • and many more!

Please feel free to visit Robin’s Teaching site at www.RobinMorlock.com for more information about in-person and online classes.


As an alchemist, Robin is highly aware of Feng Shui and magical attributes of certain numbers and combinations of elements.

You will find the writings divided into THREE lovely categories:Three color candles RMorlock (3)

  • Soul Journey
  • Ascended Masters channeled information
  • 3D Alchemy Tips

‘Soul Journey’ posts will help further our discussions about the deepening of our spiritual journey, our contributions to the planet and humanity through healing and LIGHT thinking, and the discovery of our unique Soul Purpose – each and every one of us.

‘Ascended Masters channeled Information’ these writings will be posted as PDF downloads under the tab “Channeled Information.” The focus is to share the channeled information that Robin has received over the years from Master Djwhul Khul, Master Kuthumi, and other Ascended Masters in the Higher Realms. These are not her personal opinions, but simply a transmission of the information received during quiet times. Scientifically, Robin cannot vouch for the truths in these channelings, and each person will need to see if there is resonance in the information for their personal journey. As a semi-conscious channel, Robin is not always conscious of what is being written down. For her there is a strong resonance with the information as valid, and so she continues to be of service to the Higher Realms in this way.

‘Alchemy Tips’ is a favorite section among many readers! Here Robin shares 3D techniques that may help to promote a person’s deeper connection with their intuitive self, with nature and with Source. These articles will bring out useful exercises or practices in the physical world. Over the years, Robin has taught many exercises that assist in opening the heart chakra for deepening with Christ Consciousness Light; increase healing touch abilities; and accelerate psychic and intuitive guidance. We hope is this is helpful and joyful for others.


Currently, Robin is working on both fiction and non-fiction books. Thank you for visiting and supporting this blog! Through writing, Robin hopes to express the beauty of the LIGHT with our continuous & gorgeous journey on Earth.

Stained Glass Window with reflection of LightRobin visions a healed planet with all of humanity fully integrated into their highest blueprint of living an inspired, motivated, abundant and generous life.

Interesting feature: Robin has one blue eye and one brown eye! Yes, this is natural. Born with blue eyes, one turned brown when she was an infant, and remained that way. ‘Duality’ has been her life experience, literally. This beautiful mosaic exemplifies her desire to weave our sacred walk with our scientific knowledge. And…it’s a great conversation starter!

Feel free to contact Robin through our contact page.


3 thoughts on “About Robin

  1. Jeanne Ford

    Hi Robin!!

    I have had an interest in Dream Interpretation over the years….especially about recurring dreams. I often wonder if my dreams are of previous lifetimes.

    Your cousin Jeanne from Annapolis


    1. Hello Jeanne! Our dreams are very powerful messages about our current life and past lives. If it feels like an event that replays that you 1) have not done in this lifetime and 2) feel an enormous pull toward it – it may well be a past life memory. When it is happening from this lifetime, it is usually our way of dealing with stress or emotional difficulty, or simply a way of our mind sorting things out by the repetition of this pathway. I hope you are able to take the DREAMS class when next offered on Skype, and meanwhile, meditate on those dreams! Blessings, Robin


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