Alchemy Tips: Nurture Yourself and lose the Guilt

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly…

Yes, and it is also the season to be overwhelmed, over-stimulated, over-sugared and caffeinated, touching every imaginable surface in stores and public restrooms, and just plain old worn out!

Is it any wonder that our immune system asks for a day off? And that comes in the package of body fatigue, sniffles, a sore throat, and mental malaise.

But more than any other time of the year, this is the season of ‘do for everyone else’ if you listen to the hype of normal societal messages; especially for women.

Are You Laughing off the Immune System’s Message?

You are if:

  • You think, “I can power through this”
  • You overload on cough syrup and daytime suppressants to get through
  • You are convinced the world as you know it will fall apart if you take a day off

Our need to control our environment and fulfill the mental task list will, many times, override our intuitive messages that say, “Whoa! I need to slow down. I need to nurture myself a bit here.” When we are in the go-go mode, we tend to answer that intuitive call with “Later. Later. I PROMISE!”

And for many of us, we seem to block out any inspired solutions around temporary care for those in our household while we take that needed day of rest. Maybe it is the stuffy head that fogs those solutions of getting the kids to the grandparents house for a day or two? Or maybe…it is the guilt factor!

Dilbert cartoon by Scott Adams

Getting Well on Purpose

Here are my top suggestions for getting to the sofa or the bed with a cup of tea quickly!

Recognize and acknowledge your amazing Immune System for alerting you. “Thank you, Immune System, for the message that I am out of balance.”

Commit to half a day or a whole day of rest and healing, right away! Whatever you want to get done, or whomever you want to serve – You being WELL is the first requirement.

Get some strong help in your corner. Check out my previous blog on using Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Oregano Oils to clear up the head, the lungs and germs in the house!

Check in with your Intuitive Self on what can wait, and what to delegate. You have built a loving network of friends and family around you – people who want to help out! Check with your Inner Self and ask Source for some guidance; inspired solutions may pop to the surface immediately. And in your heart, you know most things can wait.

When someone in your life pulls on you while you are sick, tap into that Guilty feeling. Really pay attention to how you feel when a person knows you are ill, yet continues to ask much from you. Is it stuffed resentment? A little pissy anger coming up? Sadness because you wanted attention and you are not getting it? When you identify what is triggering your guilt, you are more able to consciously see how this comes out of you towards others; either in words, actions or energy waves. Your ‘Guilty Response’ is not healthy either, for anyone.

Decide what you are modeling for yourself AND those around you. If you never slow down or take a real rest, imagine what message you are sending to others in your life? Do you Walk Your Talk? Your children pick up the subliminal message that the rest of the world is more important than an individual’s health needs. Your partner picks up that you will hold this over his/her head like a martyr or victim, so your partner pays for it energetically. And your co-workers – well, they just pick up the sickie-bug you spread to them by not staying home!

Listen to your heart of on what you need and what comforts you. When you Love Yourself, you learn to pay attention to what feeds your soul. And what nourishes your soul gives you revitalized energy! We all need that energy boost to bring healing to all the cells in our body, especially at immune lows. Maybe it is a cup of wonderful immune-boosting hot tea and a holiday movie? Okay, that might just be me!


Be Well on Purpose – that is my Holiday Heart Gift to you! Living consciously is about recognition of ALL parts of ourselves and working toward health on multiple levels. You will anchor LIGHT for yourself and all the world in Self-Nurturance!

Blessings, Robin


Alchemy Tips: Taurus New Moon Wishes

The New Moon starts Friday, May 6th! What a fantastic opportunity to plant our own ‘new beginnings’ for the next month or for the rest of the year. Set up powerful new wishes and affirmations to give yourself the extra ‘boost’ that Astronomy & Astrology line up for us!

My favorite source for New Moon wishes is the book, “New Moon Astrology; The Secret of Astronomical Timing to Make All Your Dreams Come True,” by Jan Spiller.

New Moon Power

Jan Spiller helps us to understand the significance of the New Moon ‘wishing power’ and reminds us that this phase of the moon is the ‘Maiden Goddess,’ for new beginnings and fresh starts.

In my previous blog, Alchemy Tips: New Moon Wishes, we reviewed the quality essences of the ARIES New Moon. For this month, we will look at the quality essences of TAURUS, as our New Moon sits in the ‘bull’ energy. Taurus qualities will be enhanced during this time, so we can direct our New Moon Intentions to take advantage of this help.

Reminder: Spiller suggests that we make our wishes within 48 hours of the New Moon, for full strength potency. See 2016 New Moon schedule here

Journal Entry; google image
Journal Entry; google image

How to Set Your Wish Intentions

As we excitedly set up our wishes for this New Moon cycle, Spiller has some suggestions for us.

  • Know that your wishes can be for any length of time; one month, 6 months, 1 year
  • Make your wishes within 48 hours of the activation of the New Moon energy
  • Try to keep your list of wishes under ten individual wish statements
  • If you focus a couple of your wishes in one area, you increase the power of that wish intention
  • Do not combine more than one focus in a single wish statement (quit fatty foods and start exercising – not recommended to have two focuses in one wish)
  • WRITE them down and keep them in your New Moon Journal
  • You can use condition words like “easily,” “gracefully,” “quickly,” etc. in your descriptions of wish intents
  • Her favorite sentences begin with, “I want to easily find myself…” finish with desired situation (enjoying exercise daily; embracing a next, better job)
  • To take negative traits OUT, Spiller suggests using words like, “I want all inner resistance to ____ totally lifted from me,” or “I want all impatience totally lifted from me,” for example.
  • Use what you know are the qualities of the Astrological sign the New Moon is in at the time to enhance or release those qualities in your life
Taurus the bull, art by Silvia Hartmann
Taurus the bull, art by Silvia Hartmann


With a Taurus New Moon, let’s look at what types of qualities we could enhance:

Taurus (the Bull) are known for (positive qualities):

  • Nature Lover
  • Material Success
  • Gratitude
  • Sensuality
  • Trustworthiness
  • Determination
  • Strong Values
  • Patience

You could choose to focus on enhancing and attracting more of these positive qualities into your life experience.

Taurus (the Bull) are known for (negative qualities):

  • Inflexibility
  • Stagnation
  • Dogmatism
  • Argumentative
  • Possessiveness
  • Over-expectations

You could choose to eliminate these negative qualities by statements that release and lift these qualities from your inner being.

Explore and be honest with yourself, and I am confident you will discover powerful New Moon wish intentions that, once planted in your subconscious/conscious minds and with Cosmic Universe assistance enlisted – will lead you to graceful and dynamic changes over the next few months and years.

Blessings, Robin

Alchemy Tips: Mercury Retrograde hits again!

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.

Everything we see is perspective, not the truth.”

—Marcus Aurelis

Mercury Retrograde took hold of us again today, April 28th, and keeps its tight teeth around us until May 22nd. Oh joy.

I prepared myself for computer glitches to begin today, for my cell phone to get sketchy and even the possibility that my car would hiccup here and there…but I seemed to forget all about ‘personal communications.’

In our close relationships, we assume that we know what the other person is thinking, but in actuality, we are complex and ingenious beings that can hide our feelings, even from ourselves. Until a Mercury Retrograde, that is!

Misunderstandings; google images
Misunderstandings; google images

Here is what I have been reminded about today from Source in my own communication debacle: a person’s truth is really only their own – it can never be someone else’s truth.

We live collectively, but we experience life separately.

As humans, we can create goals together, projects, companies, families, homes and so much more. But it is important to remember that each of us sees a slightly different shade of the blue sky, and while it can bring us together for a common good, it can also keep us divergent from one another.

Our biggest challenge is to be able to ‘hear’ from someone what their truth (perspective) is all about. Just hear it. We are not responsible to do anything with that information at that moment, or maybe never. But if someone wants to be blunt and somewhat in-your-face about something personal (thank you again, Mercury Retrograde), maybe it is time to just listen.

My goal for the next 24 days of this potential communication minefield is to be mindful that when I hear someone’s ‘truth’ – it is perfectly fine to allow it and not try to align them with my ‘truth.’

Every shade of different; google images
Every shade of different; google images

“Today I am thankful for all the support in my life, for Divine Blessings, for the capacity to be honest and compassionate, and for all the million-gazillion ways that my partner is different from me.”

Rock on, Mercury Retrograde, rock on!

Blessings, Robin

Alchemy Tips: Basalt Energetic Grounding

Natural stones have amazing healing qualities, such as the descriptions from the fantastic resource on stone energetic qualities, “Love is in the Earth,” by Melody. In my shaman jewelry making, I have found her book to be invaluable in assisting in the combinations of energies and intentions of our Mother Earth geology ‘friends.’

Many stones and crystals also assist in ‘grounding’ our human physical energy and spirit. Energetic grounding is an ancient holistic concept of bringing your spiritual self (energy self) back into your physical body and tapping deep down into Gaia’s center for additional LIGHT strength.

There are many books on the subject of grounding. Two of my favorites: “Gemstones for Foot Grounding,” by Starr Fuentes, and the Pleiadian method through Amorah Quan Yin’s book, “The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka.”

Basalt Monolith, Oregon coastline, photo by Robin Morlock
Basalt Monolith, Oregon coastline, photo by Robin Morlock


Basalt is an excellent stone for assistance in grounding our energies. While the physical stone of Basalt is always great to use, there is a powerful energetic use of Basalt that is described in this article. First, let’s review the benefits of being grounded!


Here are just a few of the dynamic benefits of being energetically grounded:

  • Being truly ‘present’ to the moment; to your 3D reality (escapism, fantasy daydreaming, and denial are results of not being grounded)
  • Feeling an inner strength for all circumstances; emotional peace
  • A sense of solidness; one cannot be knocked over like a big balloon clown in the wind; like a solid core of LIGHT running down the spine
  • Calm observance of people and situations around you, allowing for conscious decision making (not impulsive, emotional reactions)
  • Ability to stay focused and moving toward your stated intentions
  • Recognition of inner emotional blockages through deeper awareness of self
  • Greater overall enjoyment of each precious moment on this planet
  • Ability to be ‘present’ again after a traumatic crisis


This powerful and effective grounding technique is provided through a channeled session in which Master Djwhal Khul, Ascended Master in the Higher Realms, provided this information. I have used this technique on myself and with my clients. It is strong, immediate and lasting.

The words of Master Djwhal Khul:

Basalt will ground nervous energies. Placed along the spine or laying down on large stones on one’s back is best.

Next best choice is holding the stones in the hands. The person will feel calmer – more able to see the whole situation and make appropriate decisions. Basalt is good for curing/stopping indecisiveness.

Basalt is an actual energy that can be energetically channeled down the spine of a person to assist with grounding – achieving calm, solid decisiveness.

Practitioner should hold hands out on either side of the head (oneself or another person) – 8″ away from the body. Hands with palms facing the ears, fingers closed. Practitioner should envision and draw in/call on Basalt energy in a grey-blue color into the top of the head and see it go down the spine. Practitioner’s hands stay in place on either side of the head, unless otherwise intuitively guided to change position.

This is like a “Column of Basalt.” This will immediately ground the person. It will pull their spirit back into their body.

Haystack Basalt monolith, Oregon coastline; photo by Robin Morlock
Haystack Basalt monolith, Oregon coastline; photo by Robin Morlock


In practicing this technique, I have discovered that after about three practice sessions, this energy will be so anchored in the practitioner’s energy field that when it is called upon, it is there immediately. Barely getting my hands in place, I have felt the result on myself or with my client. Calm is instantly restored as well as a feeling of inner strength.

This is an wonderful and quick technique to teach to children. Start with the actual basalt rock in their hands so they can connect with the quality of the stone first. Showing a child the path to quick self-grounding is an emotional life raft for them.

Two Important Reasons

  • A person’s ability to respond in a balanced and conscious way in the world depends on their level of grounded-ness.
  • A person’s ability to ignite the healing process inside the body also depends on being fully present and grounded.

I hope this grounding technique is of great assistance to you in your quest to be ‘fully present Now,’ as well as adding a tool to your healing kit for your clients, family and friends.

I’d love to hear from you if you try this and I am happy to answer any questions on the process!

Blessings, Robin

Alchemy Tips: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Oregano Oils

Winter winds, chapped lips, sore throats and chest cough – not my favorite part of this season! Holistically, let’s find ways to keep ourselves strong.

Here are my three favorite essential oils:

  • Peppermint Oil – cleans bacteria from the air; clears the mind
  • Eucalyptus Oil – great for respiratory ailments; helps a sore throat
  • Oregano Oil – clears chronic issues; asthma, bronchitis and more

These three ‘miracle’ workers help with a number of issues, including aiding digestion and clearing skin rashes. But my focus is on the respiratory tract.

Breathing air is necessary for life – and when it is inhibited, we have an internal fear switch that can go on that basically says, “I am not well – I am not surviving.” Even if you are not aware of this thought consciously – your instinctual side is – and this can begin to color how you see your day, your week, your world.

To remove the struggle, let’s clean up the air, and help our lungs!

First – I want to be clear that I am recommending Peppermint oil and Oregano oil be used in diffusers to put the scent into the air. Eucalyptus oil can be used on the body, rubbed into the chest as long as you add another diluting-type oil. Also, if you are pregnant, read about these oils carefully, as they may not be recommended during pregnancy.

Second – I will refer to diluting oil, and that means using more of this oil and only a couple of drops of the essential oil. Diluting oils can be Jojoba oil, Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut oil (liquid) and even Olive oil. Vitamin E oil may be too thick to spread.

Third – I mention diffusers. If you don’t know what diffusers are, you can check out this information on different types of diffusers, and also visit your local organic products store, and you will find lots of options as well.

PEPPERMINT:  I have used peppermint oil for years. I love this oil! As a fan of the old fashioned water with tea candle below-type of diffuser, this is my oil of choice daily in my home. It assists in cleaning the air as it has anti-fungal properties, so my husband’s allergies are lessened. This oil also stimulates and refreshes the brain, so it is great to put into the air when you are mentally fatigued. MORE ON PEPPERMINT

I do NOT put peppermint on my body, as it is very strong and can burn. Even with a diluting oil, I feel this is too strong for me. If you see it recommended that way and want to try it on your chest, temples, etc., please have plenty of diluting oil handy.

Eucalyptus leaves
Eucalyptus leaves; Google image

EUCALYPTUS:  Every time I have a sore throat and chest cough, I turn to eucalyptus essential oil. With this oil, I always use a diluting oil and my favorite is Jojoba oil. It is relatively inexpensive and spreads very well. Also, jojoba oil regenerates the skin tissue. MORE ON EUCALYPTUS

As soon as I put this on my throat (outside, not inside!), I feel immediate relief. Remember, essential oils penetrate the skin in 30 seconds, so it is on its way to providing relief to your internal organs. Eucalyptus is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory in properties. ALWAYS wash your hands completely with soap & water, as you do not want to rub your eyes later and accidentally put oil in your eye area. SAFETY GUIDELINES

OREGANO:  As a new fan of Oregano oil, I am hooked! This essential oil is amazing, and the results are quick for chronic issues (two to four weeks). Oregano oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in properties. I have been dealing with bronchitis on and off for two years and this was recommended to me recently. I was informed that the best format for me was to inhale it. Caution alert – sniffing right from the bottle can cause burning in the nose!

I have been putting this in my diffuser in my home office daily and I use about 10 drops in the small water container. It is strong, so I can smell it continuously. Since I am in my office for about 6 hours per day, this is a lot of infusion. Inside of 2 weeks I noticed immediate results. I can breathe deep and there is no tightness in the bottom of my lung area (the alveoli). I have been outside on some sunny February days to do two-mile walks, and there is no struggle with breathing. Thank You, Oregano!! MORE ON OREGANO

Again, I highly recommend you read the SAFETY GUIDELINES on using the oils before getting started.

Clean Air, Clear Lungs and we are set to BREATHE in and be joyously present every day!

Blessings, Robin