Clean & Awaken Your Home Space

Springtime! ‘Tis the season to clean out our closets, plant new outdoor gardens, release clothing and odds n’ ends that no longer serve our greater goals, and overall to feel ‘Lighter’ and more energized!

Do you have too much ‘stuff’ crowding your aura?

Clean & Awaken Your Home Space 14
Crowded house; Google image

Okay, that photo (above) might be over the top, but you get the idea. If you are stepping over piles and around boxes, or if you cannot find a place to set your coffee cup down, then it is time to add some breathing space to your home space. Especially if you live in a home that is less than 800 sq. ft, like a one-bedroom apartment or loft apartment.

You are cramping your Aura-Expression!

Clean & Awaken Your Home Space
Who are you now? Google image

Sometimes we add items into our living space without thinking about how it affects us from an energetic and auric perspective. Our aura likes to BREATHE! Subtle body energy fields emanate out from our physical body and are called collectively the ‘Aura’.

Our aura is very much alive! It wants to run, and dance, and flow with the Chi, but instead, it walks with you through that crowded room and feels all the energy attachments you have to each item. Some of those attachments are oppressive (like the candy dish your grandmother gave you) and other attachments feel warm & fuzzy (like the picture of a fun outing with friends). Either way, on a subconscious level, your emotional energy is pulled, twisted around, stifled, sad, or laughing as you pass by these items day in and day out.

Your ‘old’ stuff is exhausting you – and draining energy from new adventures

Now you can see how allowing items to stack up in your house can affect your energy levels – AND all the exciting and new opportunities waiting for the current YOU. When I mention ‘old’ stuff, it refers to items that have run their course with you. They provided an energy boost at one time, and now you have outgrown it.

Every single thing we own falls into three categories:

  1. Represents the past: memories, family, events
  2. Represents the future: new book, new guitar, new shoes
  3. Is functional

Some items are in two of the categories, like the antique flower vase that has been in your family for generations, that serves as a gorgeous flower holder (past/functional). Other items fit into one category, like the new bicycle you bought for yourself with the aspiration of going for weekly rides around your neighborhood. This represents the future – an activity that you are looking forward to incorporating into your active life.

Some items fall into all three categories. If you listened to my recent podcast with Kimberli Ridgeway Soulretriever titled Enliven Your Space, you heard my tale of a recent physical/energetic reaction I experienced to dumping some long-held binders of material.

Here is a different example I will share that may resonate with many people. Recently, as I completed a massive overhaul of closets in my own home, I discovered two beautiful linen tablecloths. I have been holding onto these tablecloths since my grandmother died in 1993. She picked them up on one of her European overseas trips, and I inherited them when she passed away.

These innocent tablecloths, that were quietly hiding in a back basement closet, were suddenly in my hands and being evaluated about their continued lifespan with me.  The tablecloths represent the past (my grandmother and her verve!), and they are also functional (serving as tablecloths). Note: they have never been used in my home since I have a round table. But for me, they also fell into the third category of ‘the future.’ This is because in all these years, I have longed for a rectangular country-style wooden table to throw them upon, and set out lovely glassware and tableware, and have an outside party! The ‘future’ me, apparently, owns a small French cottage with a lovely garden terrace filled with flowers and friends and wine bottles on the table.

Yes, you guessed it. The tablecloths finally made it to the donation box! I held onto these items because they hit all three categories: obligation to maintain something from my family, practicality to hold onto something functional, and dream-funding energy for a ‘me’ in the future that is just not happening. It is not who I am NOW, nor am I making the conscious effort to become that person so lovingly held in my daydreams (holding terrace garden parties, owning a French chateau).

Going below the ‘surface stuff’

Clean & Awaken Your Home Space 4
What is in the back of the closet? Google image

This year, as you pull out clothes you have not worn in years, and shed books and papers from a decade ago, I encourage you to dig deeper.

Spring represents a time of new beginnings, new projects, and new adventures! This means that old restrictions must fall away, including the drain of energetically supporting things in our environment that do not sing our soul songs.

What are you really resonating with these days?

Who are YOU – in this current moment? The person that you are holds dear memories and also inspiring future intentions…AND, this person that you are knows exactly what is fulfilling, fun, relaxing, and calming to your system…right now…in this current moment.

Less stuff, more movement

Clean & Awaken Your Home Space 9
Space to move around and flow with; Google image

Start by viewing your home environment room by room. First, clear your mind with a walk in nature. Feel the openness of the great outdoor palette, and then walk purposefully into your home. What hits you? Beauty? Serenity? Stuffiness? Staleness? Grungy-looking? This is what is vibrating around you every single day, and your subconscious is highly aware of this particular vibe.

Sometimes the easiest pathway into cleaning out our space is to go after that item that we ‘have too much of.’ We have some hole in our heart or thirst in our system for that one thing – the item we buy and buy and buy. Mine is books. Books of every area you can think of; fiction and non-fiction and there is not much missing in the subject matter!

Clean & Awaken Your Home Space 3
What do you have too much of? Time to clean out! Google image

Ask yourself, “What do I have too much of? What have I overdone in my life?”

Spiritually speaking, this is an area of overdone growth for you, and you will soar to new adventures quicker when many of these ‘old’ energy items are released. They served your growth at one time, but may be stifling the current YOU now.

Leave the space OPEN so it can breathe

Clean and Awaken Your Home Space 15
Let corners and light in the room speak to you; Google image

We are animals of creature comforts and we tend to want to fill spaces. When considering moving a couch, a shelving unit or other large pieces in your home space, my suggestion is to move it out of the way and let the area breathe with white space. Don’t simply move the couch out and replace it with a chair and table.

Keep in mind that the area you want to shift Chi (flow) in has been saturated with the furniture item for some time. That area has received your mental and emotional attention as holding that piece of furniture for that specific reason (bookshelf; hold rare books and photo albums, for example). When you move the furniture and associated items out of the space, it is still holding that energy pattern. Give it some time to release that pattern, to BREATHE, and to share with you the sacredness of that specific space in your home.

Be open to what your space reveals to your intuitive side

In one apartment that I lived in, I set up a round wood kitchen table and chairs in the living room by the large windows, as the dining room did not ‘resonate’ dining space at all. This served us for a few years, and we loved and cherished that space with flowers on the table, meals in harmony, and gorgeous views from the gracious window space.

Who knows what will be revealed? Listen consciously to your home’s energy and your own soul progression to this current moment, so that what you now place around you truly resonates supportive themes in your life.

Start with Color if you are not sure

Clean & Awaken Your Home Space 11
Colors that vibrate with your life goals bring daily support! Google image

Feel what colors have been resonating for you in the last 6 months. This is an indication of the changes you have gone through, brought on by new phases in your life goals and higher vibrational consciousness in your inner-spirit work.

Bring colors and shapes into your life that feel supportive. Also, you may choose to take a Light Language class (Mayan sacred geometry) to learn the true meanings of colors and shapes, bringing your life goals into deeper clarity and focus.

Deeper Questions for Hard-to-Let-Go-of-Items

For those of you who are super serious about lightening your load, and opening quantum energy levels for your physical body and subtle bodies, AND want to feel supported by all items in your sanctuary space, here is my gift to you!

This 1-page document provides energetic questions you can ask yourself as you get to the items that seem to always stay on your shelf and closet, or almost make it out the door. Get the PDF here, Cleaning out the home space Deeper Questions for hard-to-let-go-of Items

Feel free to share with me your journey of cleaning your space and Awakening it with new and supportive energies for your life!

Blessings, Robin




Soul Journey: Find Your Own Intuitive Path

One of my favorite activities is to look up ancient Alchemist recipes! I read the half-scientific and half-convoluted directions that were put down in earnest scientific and mystical exploration, and I wonder…how could they be so inexact in measurements? Cryptic symbols slipped in with notations giving exact measurements, and then the vague instructions of ‘heat between 250ºC and 350ºC’ for the completion of the formula.

What? How many times must I experiment with the heat element in order to find the right complement of elements? Is this any better than a witch’s brew of ‘a pinch of this’ and ‘a dash of that,’ but ‘only when the moon is three days into waning, and three dogs barked at midnight…’?

Of course, this is funny to us now, but to an ancient Alchemist there was an exact method that had to be followed and that would end in proper results. Half a dash the wrong way and you have ruined your formula magic.

But the ancient Alchemists had another secret – the subjective measurements were on purpose! This protected their special elixir because it required their own intuitive understanding of the recipe and elements in order to help it blossom in the bottle.

Alchemist book and bottles on shelf
Alchemy books and bottles – Bing image

Exact Instructions in Spiritual Practices

How many of us have tried to apply this follow-the-instructions road with our Spiritual Journey? And sadder yet, how many of us have given up or have felt continually disconnected from Source because the ‘recipe’ did not seem to work for us?

It Happened to Me, too

When I began a serious study of spiritual topics, alternative healing modalities and deep inner core Soul work, I read at a voracious pace every book I could find on certain subjects in the spiritual and metaphysical field.

Meditation, for example, was an area that I really wanted to excel in – because I was impatient and terrible at quieting my mind. Like many others before me, I listened to recordings or followed exact instructions on how to get down to this inner, calm state of ‘no mind.’

The result? I fidgeted. I sat so long my bones ached. And, sometimes, I achieved a state of true peace for a few minutes. I felt like a failure and I stopped trying for quite some time.

Meanwhile, I was training in Reiki (hands-on healing) alternative healing method. This was a modality that I loved because of the grace and ease of it, and my dedication lead to Mastery training. Eventually I decided to move forward with teaching and initiations for others in order to spread this amazing healing method.

Discovering My Own Secret Recipe!

What I discovered while practicing Reiki healing: My mind got super quiet while facilitating a Reiki healing session for a client. So quiet, in fact, that my intuitive mind was able to connect more freely with Spirit Guides and Angels, and I was ‘moved’ all around the client’s body into healing positions that were slightly out of the norm for a traditional Reiki session. All of this co-creative union with Source worked for the client, bringing in deep shifts and pain relief. It worked for me because I got myself ‘out of the way’ of the healing process and achieved a deep inner peace that grew and grew over the years.

ancient book with inside bottles
Ancient book hiding Alchemy elements – Bing image

Your Own Intuitive Path

As you persevere forward on your own mystical inner path to reveal your true LIGHT and learn more about your soul purpose and life path choices, notice if you are trying to follow someone else’s exact instructions!

Gaining ‘guidelines’ from amazing teachers, instructors and gurus is necessary – each of us needs to look for guidance from the one ahead of us on the road, but our uniqueness prevents us from following instructions to the letter.

We simply must find our insights and co-creative union with Source with our own recipes!

Add in your ‘pinch of this’ and ‘dash of that’ in a creative and flexible manner that truly resonates for you. On my website and in my teachings, I provide instructions here and there on ways to ground, to do energy cord cutting, and more – but I fully expect my students and clients to find their own intuitive path within these guidelines.

“I accept within myself that my path, my progress, and my timing are my own, and it is perfect.”

Stop trying to follow exact recipes for your life that belong to someone else. Let your creative intuition take over!

Here are steps that might help when you are frustrated with a process and trying to find your own intuitive path:

  • STOP – relax and take some deep breaths
  • Open to your creative side – “I am an amazing, creative, and generous being, and I am greatly loved.”
  • Ask yourself, “In looking at this process that I am trying to follow, what works for me? What does not?”
  • Ask yourself, “How can I deepen and expand into what works for me?”
  • Review: “What new insights have I discovered about myself and MY LIGHT?”
  • Check in: “Is there a way being revealed (yet) on how I can share this with others?”

Take note for yourself and deepen into what is actually working for you so new discoveries will come your way – and REPEAT.

That would be my recipe, if you want to try it!

Blessings, Robin

Soul Journey: The Law of Incubation

Every single thing, matter and un-matter, has an incubation period – and you just need to sit your gorgeous self on it and it will tell you when it is ready.

–Melanie Johnson, KMP therapist

It is the beginning of a new year, and we excitedly vision new goals, new projects, and the birthing of new Dreams. This joy fills us with lots of STEAM; energy to forge ahead and make grand plans! And since we know that Intention and Vision are the first steps for major manifestation, this is time well-spent.

In the spirit of accountability (to ourselves) we may tell others our Dreams, Hopes and Desires. We set planning steps in process and we focus wholeheartedly on this wondrous new idea. This IS the exciting part!

Let’s fast-forward three months, and what we may find is that our burst of energy is wearing down, and we might even be at a ‘waiting place,’ as we look for confirmation that our Dream is making progress. This slowing down can fill us with impatience, frustration, and sometimes even depression.

Incubation is a Universal Law – it is part of our Life Process

The beautiful quote a the beginning of the article is by Melanie Johnson, MA, R-DMT, MCC, KMP, and she is a Kestenberg Movement Profile expert. Her daily life is all about MOVEMENT as a healing therapy that shifts our habits and attitudes. But Melanie knows that before a great and cohesive movement occurs, an incubation period is necessary (a learning and integrating period) and slowing down is part of the process.

Every mother on the planet experiences this – knowing that the incubation time during the pregnancy cannot be rushed and must be allowed to take is full course. The mother duck sits still, keeping the egg warm. Oh, how patient she is!

So, how can we prepare for this ‘incubation’ period of our Dream?

Expecting the Law of Incubation

Since ‘incubation’ – the process of allowing something to quietly grow on the inside – is a part of the life process for bringing in a new creation, it helps if we find ways to manage the emotions that come up when everything slows down.

What NOT to do:

  • Throw things against the wall
  • Eat everything in sight
  • Push every angle even more aggressively
  • Cry, cry and cry some more
  • Bark at the supportive people in your life

I know this list might get a chuckle, but you probably recognize some familiar behavior there. What you might also realize is that, in looking back, it made no difference to the actual progress of the Dream.

How to recognize if your Dream is in a true period of Incubation

  • You have done all the physical action required to move it forward (at this level)
  • You are waiting for others involved to comprehend and state commitment level
  • Every door is closing right now and you have no new solutions
  • You are mentally exhausted with it right now
  • A new direction is needed, and nothing is showing up (yet)

The incubation period can be applied to any field of work, from engineering to fine art to writing to entrepreneurship, and more. All birthing processes need some time to grow, especially if you have already set foundations in motion.

What TO do:

  • Stop and reflect: is this a time of ‘incubation?’
  • Breathe – take three deep breaths
  • Commit to set it aside for 48 hours
  • Get out in Nature – seriously!
  • Ask for the new solutions or direction to come to you in your nighttime dreams
  • WAIT until you get the nudge that it is ready to hatch!

We need to take a step back, so the first step is reflection on the whole process. Then take some deep breaths – this will relax your body and clear your mind. Truly commit to taking some time away from the Dream (project, issue) and I recommend at least 48 hours. Try to get outside, as nature has a vibration frequency designed to calm our electrical inner wiring so we gain some peace. Ask for help from your Inner Self. You can do this in conversations with your Higher Realm Guides, and use the Dream Incubation! (my favorite)

And finally, wait until it tells you it is ready! There is that Eureka moment that comes with the first crack of the eggshell, and your whole being knows what to do and that the Dream is at the next stage.

The Stirring Inside the Egg

Sometimes the movement will be ignited by an outside source, but most often, as in nature, the MOVEMENT comes from inside the Egg. The stirring of your heart and mind will tell you what direction to take, or when it is ready to begin the next phase of growth.

Benches at Arboretum

So when our next INCUBATION period shows up, let’s embrace it, sit our gorgeous selves down, and know that we are right where we need to be!

Blessings, Robin

Dream Incubation Access the Dream Incubation process!