Natural Stone Energy: The Red Color Rays

Modern-day living equates to one thing – busy! Most of us feel that we are up and running all day long, collapsing in the evening with the clear knowledge that we will start this all over again the following day.

What if there was a way to gain a boost of energy, confidence, and stability by simply carrying a natural stone or wearing it in a piece of jewelry?

Small Ruby stone; Bing image

The answer is YES – there is!

THE RED COLOR RAY STONES provide a beautiful service on the planet by giving us boosts of physical energy, confidence and calm, and emotional stability.

Recently, in a podcast recording with Kimberli Soulretriever Ridgeway, you may have heard me discuss different natural stones and some of their healing properties. If you missed it, here is the link, and you will hear Kimberli’s favorites and the stones I always have on me or in my purse!

Today, we are turning our attention to RED STONES and how they work with our physical 3D issues here on Earth.

Color Ray RED – expressed through RED STONES:

  • Ruby
  • Red Coral
  • Rhodocrosite
  • Garnet
  • Red/Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite/Elbaite)
  • Red Beryl (Bixbite)
  • Red Jasper
raw ruby stones
Raw Ruby stones; Bing image

RUBY – This amazing stone brings us emotional stability and healing. The Red Ray energy is focused through this stone through the crystalline matrix of corundum. Red ray energy gathers on the emotional subtle body level and creates a two-fold effect: assistance with opening to Divine Love in the heart, and, bridging the emotional body to the physical body. Another quality that Ruby anchors for us is intensity, vividness (in daily living & dreams) and massive amounts of Light to chase away darkness in our hearts.

Ruby vibrates to the number 3; the sign of the Trinity.

red coral beads
Red Coral beads; Bing image

RED CORAL – Mystic communications is the heart of Coral with an alignment to achieving one’s goals. This element from the sea (not a mineral stone, but often grouped with stone energies) brings us in direct contact with Spiritual Masters in the higher realms who provide conscious and subconscious wisdom teachings. With an activation of the root chakra, there is dedicated harmony with the manifestation of desired goals in life. I love this powerhouse energy and I wear red coral daily.

Red Coral vibrates to the master number 22 (unlimited potential of mastery), and also specifically to the number 4, which represents grounding and the four directions.

rhodochrosite large
Rhodochrosite; Bing image

RHODOCHROSITE – This beautiful stone is often found in the pink family, but it has deep red coloring as well. This stone pulsates and emanates the LOVE energy; specifically deep sacred love of the Earth, of life, and for our emotional journey. This stone works quickly by energizing the root, sacral and heart chakra, and restores balance to our physical and subtle bodies. This stone is powerful and the more you wear it, the quicker the transformation to balance with noticeable energy boosts!

Rhodochrosite vibrates to the number 4, which grounds us and provides the stability of the four directions on the earth.

Garnet rock
Garnet rock; Bing image

GARNET – An ancient Mayan favorite, Garnet enhances our internal fire bringing speedy transformation and tons of creative energy! This stone is known for its ability to extract negative energy from the chakras and increase revitalizing energy through the spinal column. Bringing order to chaos in one’s life is the mantra of this red gem.

Garnet vibrates to the number 2, which holds the union of masculine & feminine energies in balance and alignment.

Pink Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline; Bing image

RED/PINK TOURMALINE – In general, Tourmaline balances the left & right sides of the brain to enhance creative efforts. Red Tourmaline (Rubellite) activates the root chakra to stimulate vitality through the physical body. This connects with the heart chakra and brings more ‘loving consciousness’ to daily living. Pink Tourmaline (Elbaite) awakens the crown chakra and heart chakra, making known the highest levels of Universal Love. It promotes enthusiasm and freedom of thought which increases peace and ease.

Red Tourmaline vibrates to the numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5. Independence, balanced duality, groundedness, and enhanced activity are all encompassed here!

Pink Tourmaline vibrates to the number 9, and the master number 99. Nine helps us recognize the end of phases and cycles of energy, and the master number 99 brings understanding of the greater Divine Plan with self-awareness at its core.

Red Beryl cluster
Red Beryl (Bixbite); Bing image

RED BERYL – Red Beryl is also known as Bixbite with a brilliant red color. Star energies pulsate through this stone, opening the Kundalini pathways and activating the heart chakra toward sacred respect for all life forms. This is a quick enhancer of energy and power and brings with it higher cooperation within relationships.

Red Beryl vibrates to the number 8, enhancing abundance and flow in our lives!

Red Jasper; Bing image

RED JASPER – Jasper is known to ancient indigenous tribes as the ‘Shaman Stone’ that assists in astral travel and protects mankind from dangers. Red Jasper specifically works with the deep level of our Dreams, reworking them in our mind so we begin to understand the importance of the messages. This is a gradual progression and ‘taking responsibility’ stone that is a perfect complement to other red stones that provide us a jolt of energy for expansive projects.

Red Jasper vibrates to the number 6, enhancing our generosity, compassion and desire for community service.

Take your time and explore the energy feelings you receive from these gorgeous red stones! Combining a couple of them in a necklace or bracelet is even better.

Next month – the color ORANGE and the color ray Orange through natural stones!

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Blessings, Robin

I am a resource gatherer, and I love to give credit where it is due! Here are a couple helpful books where the above information was gleaned, and I know you will want them in your library too. Gemisphere Luminary, by Michael Katz; and Love is in the Earth, by Melody.