Clarity & Self-Belief

You dreamed it for yourself. You wrote it down. You even created a stunning Vision Board.

But do you believe it can happen for you?

Here is what can sometimes happen for me:

I feel a passion in my heart to do something, create something, offer a service, open or start a business – and this dream is BIG and alive in my heart and mind! I sketch it out and maybe even share it with some trusted friends. Soon, it starts to feel like something I am driven toward – I cannot stop thinking about it. I have a vision board with images that resonant with this passion and, yes, I have even visited websites to design business cards to further my deep dive in this direction (if you are smiling, we might be kindred buddies in this process).

Then suddenly it seems that I am unable to get to the next stage of this dream. I might have read books on the subject or attended webinars to learn more, and I should feel ready to commit to the next step in the process of making this dream a reality.

But I am not. I am stuck in Dream world.

The amazing Christian leader Joyce Meyer summarized this:

I’ve got lots of wish bone but no back bone.

After years on this merry-go-round of sometimes achieving and sometimes never breaking through, I finally admitted what has happened when I hit the zero point of movement. I don’t actually BELIEVE that this dream is doable – by me. That I can do it. That I am worthy of it or important enough to accomplish it. And the pain of NOT having this happen is so great (because the passion inside is so large) that it feels as if failure will be catastrophic to my emotional self. It is better not to take One. More. Step.

As a Spiritual Teacher and a person who deeply believes in the Higher Spiritual Realm, Healing Angels and Spirit Guides, you can imagine how this damages my own inner sense of self.

And I know you may feel this frustration as well.

You might be stuck in Dream world too.

The real question is this:

If Source/God/Creator has inspired this creative fire of an idea, then why are we so distrustful of our own abilities and the journey to co-create with Source?

If we posed the question: “Do you believe your Spirit Guides keep you from danger? Keep you safe?” Most people would answer YES.

But if we ask, “Do you believe your Spirit Guides point the way to great success for you?” Many times the answer is a lukewarm MAYBE.

As humans we are designed to crave safety first and evaluate risk, even creative risk, from that perspective. If my Spirit Guide indicates that a car ride today would not be ideal for me – it would be a danger for me – then I am right there abiding by this wonderful inner guidance that is sparked by my intuitive abilities. I stay home.

But if my Spirit Guide indicates a ‘GO’ signal with something I have been working on – I might QUESTION that.

“Are you sure?” I ask.

“Maybe some more time at the drawing board on this one,” I decide. And the cycle of being inactive, stuck, or paralyzed begins again.

How do we move beyond this static space and the fear of plunging ahead?

Three Simple Steps break the Paralysis Cycle

One Prayer at a Time.

I know this sounds like an airy-fairy answer, but know this:

Source/God/Creator is always listening and our Spirit Guides and Angels are constantly looking for ways to help us.

As Abraham, channeled through Esther Hicks, reminds us: The Universe always says YES.

When we pray in gratitude with an open heart, we are ASKING for the self-esteem, the courage, the persistence to rise up inside and see us through to the next (even minor) step of the co-creative process.

And the answer is YES. We will be lifted, encouraged, and feel a surge of the quality that we were asking for running through every vein in our bodies!

Get over the guilty idea that you can only ask once in a millennium. ASK often, daily, or even five times in a day. Not from a begging place, but from a knowing space. We are building a positive attribute inside us that is MISSING from our upbringing when we openly seek this Divine Light assistance.

One Day at a Time.

When we feel overwhelmed with a ‘golden idea,’ it can usually be traced back to a spiraling out of control mental list of all that would need to be accomplished for that to be a reality.

For those of us who like to rush to the finish line (I am speaking of myself here!), please embrace this:

We can only do so much in a single day and in the hours available for a particular venture.

Like the accumulation of pennies added to a jar every day, we really will make progress by taking a deep breath and realizing that one day at a time is where our focus needs to be.

Honor yourself.

Honor your schedule of commitments.

And know that it is FINE – whatever you can do in the direction of your passion! Your Spirit Guides and Angels are there to help out and small steps really do count.

Layer for Strength.

Think of building a foundation inside yourself with this new attribute that you are praying for – be it patience, positive thinking, consistent follow-through, bravery and more. Use a few powerful materials and layer over and over again to create a strong new HOUSE – YOU!

Building blocks to make a solid POSITIVE You that takes action on inspired ideas:

  • Prayers generated often
  • Vision Boards created and posted in front of you
  • Positive Affirmations read daily
  • Willingness to refocus for only One Day at a Time

There is no deadline on your spiritual journey.

You are a beautiful and beloved soul that is greatly supported.

And your ideas and passion projects will flourish!

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Clean & Awaken Your Home Space

Springtime! ‘Tis the season to clean out our closets, plant new outdoor gardens, release clothing and odds n’ ends that no longer serve our greater goals, and overall to feel ‘Lighter’ and more energized!

Do you have too much ‘stuff’ crowding your aura?

Clean & Awaken Your Home Space 14
Crowded house; Google image

Okay, that photo (above) might be over the top, but you get the idea. If you are stepping over piles and around boxes, or if you cannot find a place to set your coffee cup down, then it is time to add some breathing space to your home space. Especially if you live in a home that is less than 800 sq. ft, like a one-bedroom apartment or loft apartment.

You are cramping your Aura-Expression!

Clean & Awaken Your Home Space
Who are you now? Google image

Sometimes we add items into our living space without thinking about how it affects us from an energetic and auric perspective. Our aura likes to BREATHE! Subtle body energy fields emanate out from our physical body and are called collectively the ‘Aura’.

Our aura is very much alive! It wants to run, and dance, and flow with the Chi, but instead, it walks with you through that crowded room and feels all the energy attachments you have to each item. Some of those attachments are oppressive (like the candy dish your grandmother gave you) and other attachments feel warm & fuzzy (like the picture of a fun outing with friends). Either way, on a subconscious level, your emotional energy is pulled, twisted around, stifled, sad, or laughing as you pass by these items day in and day out.

Your ‘old’ stuff is exhausting you – and draining energy from new adventures

Now you can see how allowing items to stack up in your house can affect your energy levels – AND all the exciting and new opportunities waiting for the current YOU. When I mention ‘old’ stuff, it refers to items that have run their course with you. They provided an energy boost at one time, and now you have outgrown it.

Every single thing we own falls into three categories:

  1. Represents the past: memories, family, events
  2. Represents the future: new book, new guitar, new shoes
  3. Is functional

Some items are in two of the categories, like the antique flower vase that has been in your family for generations, that serves as a gorgeous flower holder (past/functional). Other items fit into one category, like the new bicycle you bought for yourself with the aspiration of going for weekly rides around your neighborhood. This represents the future – an activity that you are looking forward to incorporating into your active life.

Some items fall into all three categories. If you listened to my recent podcast with Kimberli Ridgeway Soulretriever titled Enliven Your Space, you heard my tale of a recent physical/energetic reaction I experienced to dumping some long-held binders of material.

Here is a different example I will share that may resonate with many people. Recently, as I completed a massive overhaul of closets in my own home, I discovered two beautiful linen tablecloths. I have been holding onto these tablecloths since my grandmother died in 1993. She picked them up on one of her European overseas trips, and I inherited them when she passed away.

These innocent tablecloths, that were quietly hiding in a back basement closet, were suddenly in my hands and being evaluated about their continued lifespan with me.  The tablecloths represent the past (my grandmother and her verve!), and they are also functional (serving as tablecloths). Note: they have never been used in my home since I have a round table. But for me, they also fell into the third category of ‘the future.’ This is because in all these years, I have longed for a rectangular country-style wooden table to throw them upon, and set out lovely glassware and tableware, and have an outside party! The ‘future’ me, apparently, owns a small French cottage with a lovely garden terrace filled with flowers and friends and wine bottles on the table.

Yes, you guessed it. The tablecloths finally made it to the donation box! I held onto these items because they hit all three categories: obligation to maintain something from my family, practicality to hold onto something functional, and dream-funding energy for a ‘me’ in the future that is just not happening. It is not who I am NOW, nor am I making the conscious effort to become that person so lovingly held in my daydreams (holding terrace garden parties, owning a French chateau).

Going below the ‘surface stuff’

Clean & Awaken Your Home Space 4
What is in the back of the closet? Google image

This year, as you pull out clothes you have not worn in years, and shed books and papers from a decade ago, I encourage you to dig deeper.

Spring represents a time of new beginnings, new projects, and new adventures! This means that old restrictions must fall away, including the drain of energetically supporting things in our environment that do not sing our soul songs.

What are you really resonating with these days?

Who are YOU – in this current moment? The person that you are holds dear memories and also inspiring future intentions…AND, this person that you are knows exactly what is fulfilling, fun, relaxing, and calming to your system…right now…in this current moment.

Less stuff, more movement

Clean & Awaken Your Home Space 9
Space to move around and flow with; Google image

Start by viewing your home environment room by room. First, clear your mind with a walk in nature. Feel the openness of the great outdoor palette, and then walk purposefully into your home. What hits you? Beauty? Serenity? Stuffiness? Staleness? Grungy-looking? This is what is vibrating around you every single day, and your subconscious is highly aware of this particular vibe.

Sometimes the easiest pathway into cleaning out our space is to go after that item that we ‘have too much of.’ We have some hole in our heart or thirst in our system for that one thing – the item we buy and buy and buy. Mine is books. Books of every area you can think of; fiction and non-fiction and there is not much missing in the subject matter!

Clean & Awaken Your Home Space 3
What do you have too much of? Time to clean out! Google image

Ask yourself, “What do I have too much of? What have I overdone in my life?”

Spiritually speaking, this is an area of overdone growth for you, and you will soar to new adventures quicker when many of these ‘old’ energy items are released. They served your growth at one time, but may be stifling the current YOU now.

Leave the space OPEN so it can breathe

Clean and Awaken Your Home Space 15
Let corners and light in the room speak to you; Google image

We are animals of creature comforts and we tend to want to fill spaces. When considering moving a couch, a shelving unit or other large pieces in your home space, my suggestion is to move it out of the way and let the area breathe with white space. Don’t simply move the couch out and replace it with a chair and table.

Keep in mind that the area you want to shift Chi (flow) in has been saturated with the furniture item for some time. That area has received your mental and emotional attention as holding that piece of furniture for that specific reason (bookshelf; hold rare books and photo albums, for example). When you move the furniture and associated items out of the space, it is still holding that energy pattern. Give it some time to release that pattern, to BREATHE, and to share with you the sacredness of that specific space in your home.

Be open to what your space reveals to your intuitive side

In one apartment that I lived in, I set up a round wood kitchen table and chairs in the living room by the large windows, as the dining room did not ‘resonate’ dining space at all. This served us for a few years, and we loved and cherished that space with flowers on the table, meals in harmony, and gorgeous views from the gracious window space.

Who knows what will be revealed? Listen consciously to your home’s energy and your own soul progression to this current moment, so that what you now place around you truly resonates supportive themes in your life.

Start with Color if you are not sure

Clean & Awaken Your Home Space 11
Colors that vibrate with your life goals bring daily support! Google image

Feel what colors have been resonating for you in the last 6 months. This is an indication of the changes you have gone through, brought on by new phases in your life goals and higher vibrational consciousness in your inner-spirit work.

Bring colors and shapes into your life that feel supportive. Also, you may choose to take a Light Language class (Mayan sacred geometry) to learn the true meanings of colors and shapes, bringing your life goals into deeper clarity and focus.

Deeper Questions for Hard-to-Let-Go-of-Items

For those of you who are super serious about lightening your load, and opening quantum energy levels for your physical body and subtle bodies, AND want to feel supported by all items in your sanctuary space, here is my gift to you!

This 1-page document provides energetic questions you can ask yourself as you get to the items that seem to always stay on your shelf and closet, or almost make it out the door. Get the PDF here, Cleaning out the home space Deeper Questions for hard-to-let-go-of Items

Feel free to share with me your journey of cleaning your space and Awakening it with new and supportive energies for your life!

Blessings, Robin



Harvest Moon 2016: Preparing the Way

In North America, Friday, September 16, 2016 is the Harvest Moon. It is the Full Moon of the Autumn season, and is close to the Autumn Equinox on September 22, 2016.

Harvest Moon Importance

The Harvest Moon is a time of the harvesting of the second crop – all of the root plants – and an important time of storing up reserves for the long, cold winter ahead. In many ancient traditions, it was considered a time of casting spells for prosperity and preparing the physical body to endure the hardship of snow over the landscape.

This year’s Harvest Moon is of great importance, as it will also be the last lunar eclipse on a Harvest Moon until 2024, according to National Geographic. Imagine what a change this is for the planet – that a baby born today will not see a lunar eclipse on our special Harvest Moon until the child is eight years old!

In North America, we will not see the lunar eclipse, but we can honor it as a shift that prepares the way for the next 8 years. A new level of higher consciousness living is being anchored now, and most of us have been feeling the shifts this past summer (physical, mental and emotional).

The Miracle 100 years ago

Three shepherd children of Fátima, Portugal were being prepared in the summer of 1916 for a much greater change for themselves, their community, and the world.

Lúcia dos Santos (9 yrs old), and her cousins Francisco Marto (8 yrs old) and Jacinta Marto (6 years old) lived a quiet life in the small town of Aljustrel, a village in the parish of Fátima, about 80 miles north of Lisbon. During the summer of 1916, the children were tending sheep in the hills every day by themselves, and received three visitations from what they perceived to be an Angel.

The Children of Fatima; Lucia dos Santos, Francisco Marto, and Jacinta Marto, 1917
The Children of Fatima; Lucia dos Santos, Francisco Marto, and Jacinta Marto, 1917

This miracle was so great and touched them so deeply that they did not speak of it to anyone. They prayed the rosary, as instructed, and each one began to change in noticeable ways. Physically, they all felt higher levels of exhaustion after the visitations, and yet, greater peace inside. They each noticed how they were treating their friends and each other, and began to shift to a gentler and more generous nature. According to the book “The Children of Fatima” by author Leo Madigan, after visitations the children found they could not speak or play or follow a normal routine for a couple of days. They felt as though they were in a daze from the beauty of the Angel and the energy they had felt during the visitation.

They were being prepared – the Angel showed up to assist them in raising their vibrations and strengthening their bodies. What were they being prepared for? In the following year, on May 13, 2017, the children received the first of 6 visitations from the Holy Mother, Mother Mary. The Mother prepared them with Light and asked them to tell others there would be a miracle on October 13, 2017.

Image of the Children of Fatima visited by the Angel;
Image of the Children of Fatima visited by the Angel;

The children obeyed, and thousands and thousands of people began to come to the small town to see the apparitions. Some 30,000 to 100,000 people gathered on October 13th at the Cova da Iria, where the visitations had been occurring for the children. They were rewarded with what is knows as “the Miracle of the Sun.” The rain disappeared and the sun began to change colors and rotate like a wheel in the sky. Many saw this “miracle” from as far as 40 kilometers away, unaware of the happenings at Cova da Iria. Lucia, Fancisco and Jacinta reported that they witnessed Mother Mary, the Christ Jesus and a host of Angelic Beings from the Heavens reaching down and pouring blessings over the masses.

What changes have you been experiencing?

Over the past summer months, many people have noticed physical changes in their bodies, and a ‘softening’ of their Inner Self. There have been changes in attitude, and ‘sudden’ healings of long-rooted traumas, as though rotted tree trunks and all the root limbs have been yanked out permanently.

What have you noticed for yourself over the past 3 months? Are physical ailments now clearing up? The strange pains in hips or the spine or legs are starting to wane? Notice also if you feel more clear-headed, and have received greater clarity on your path. Write down (to anchor the change) if any long-held patterns have cleared, been removed, or transmuted.

We are being prepared for a new world – for living at a much higher consciousness level and, just as a square peg will not fit into a round hole, we have been in need of adjustments. What will not work in the higher vibrations must go, and so it may have been shed gracefully or with a bit of what felt like blunt force. What we know is that it is in preparation for a substantially more graceful way of living.

Gratitude through our Light-Filled Words & Actions

We have the God-given power to speak anything into manifestation. Know that this is increased when you cross into living at a higher frequency of committed authenticity of the Higher Self. Divine LIGHT will be shining forth from you like a beacon in a Lighthouse, as we manifest with positive intention and attract people and situations that flow easily with our life path.

Harvest Moon over the fields
Harvest Moon over the fields

So for tonight, enjoy the Harvest Moon! Bring out your bowls of fruit, candles and lanterns and speak out the powerful words of prayer and blessings over yourself, your family & friends, and the global community. Thank Mother Earth for her beautiful support, day in, day out, and know that you have been strengthened to thrive in this winter season, and blossom over the next 8 years!

Blessings, Robin