Spiritual Alchemy Classes

As a Spiritual Alchemist & Intuitive Healer, I offer classes for Soul Journey Inner Healing, Energy Healing Techniques, Dreams/Astral Plane travel, and working with Star Beings & the Higher Realm Councils of Healers & Teachers. There are also an array of amazing one-to-one healing sessions that might be just what you have been searching for!

I deeply enjoy teaching and simultaneously learning from my students and clients. The approach in my classes and session work is very open and natural – and as the ancient Shamans would do – I walk the path with you, sharing guidance and ancient knowledge.

Robin Morlock, Spiritual Alchemist, Intuitive Healer & Soul Support Writer

My geeky scientist side (I have two academic science degrees) offers the grounded day-to-day ‘Earth-living’ tips that can assist you in seeing progress for your spiritual path or metaphysical studies. This may include Sleep Hygiene, Essential Oil application, Organizational tools, and proven quality-of-life-improvement methods.

All classes are available both in-person and through online Zoom meetings. Session work is online format (live meetings) only.

Classes explore topics such as:

Sessions include:

Visit my TEACHING website to view all classes and healing sessions offered.


** If you have a group of four or more interested in a particular class, please feel free to contact me at Robin@robinmorlock.com.