Alchemy Tips: Nurture Yourself and lose the Guilt

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly…

Yes, and it is also the season to be overwhelmed, over-stimulated, over-sugared and caffeinated, touching every imaginable surface in stores and public restrooms, and just plain old worn out!

Is it any wonder that our immune system asks for a day off? And that comes in the package of body fatigue, sniffles, a sore throat, and mental malaise.

But more than any other time of the year, this is the season of ‘do for everyone else’ if you listen to the hype of normal societal messages; especially for women.

Are You Laughing off the Immune System’s Message?

You are if:

  • You think, “I can power through this”
  • You overload on cough syrup and daytime suppressants to get through
  • You are convinced the world as you know it will fall apart if you take a day off

Our need to control our environment and fulfill the mental task list will, many times, override our intuitive messages that say, “Whoa! I need to slow down. I need to nurture myself a bit here.” When we are in the go-go mode, we tend to answer that intuitive call with “Later. Later. I PROMISE!”

And for many of us, we seem to block out any inspired solutions around temporary care for those in our household while we take that needed day of rest. Maybe it is the stuffy head that fogs those solutions of getting the kids to the grandparents house for a day or two? Or maybe…it is the guilt factor!

Dilbert cartoon by Scott Adams

Getting Well on Purpose

Here are my top suggestions for getting to the sofa or the bed with a cup of tea quickly!

Recognize and acknowledge your amazing Immune System for alerting you. “Thank you, Immune System, for the message that I am out of balance.”

Commit to half a day or a whole day of rest and healing, right away! Whatever you want to get done, or whomever you want to serve – You being WELL is the first requirement.

Get some strong help in your corner. Check out my previous blog on using Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Oregano Oils to clear up the head, the lungs and germs in the house!

Check in with your Intuitive Self on what can wait, and what to delegate. You have built a loving network of friends and family around you – people who want to help out! Check with your Inner Self and ask Source for some guidance; inspired solutions may pop to the surface immediately. And in your heart, you know most things can wait.

When someone in your life pulls on you while you are sick, tap into that Guilty feeling. Really pay attention to how you feel when a person knows you are ill, yet continues to ask much from you. Is it stuffed resentment? A little pissy anger coming up? Sadness because you wanted attention and you are not getting it? When you identify what is triggering your guilt, you are more able to consciously see how this comes out of you towards others; either in words, actions or energy waves. Your ‘Guilty Response’ is not healthy either, for anyone.

Decide what you are modeling for yourself AND those around you. If you never slow down or take a real rest, imagine what message you are sending to others in your life? Do you Walk Your Talk? Your children pick up the subliminal message that the rest of the world is more important than an individual’s health needs. Your partner picks up that you will hold this over his/her head like a martyr or victim, so your partner pays for it energetically. And your co-workers – well, they just pick up the sickie-bug you spread to them by not staying home!

Listen to your heart of on what you need and what comforts you. When you Love Yourself, you learn to pay attention to what feeds your soul. And what nourishes your soul gives you revitalized energy! We all need that energy boost to bring healing to all the cells in our body, especially at immune lows. Maybe it is a cup of wonderful immune-boosting hot tea and a holiday movie? Okay, that might just be me!


Be Well on Purpose – that is my Holiday Heart Gift to you! Living consciously is about recognition of ALL parts of ourselves and working toward health on multiple levels. You will anchor LIGHT for yourself and all the world in Self-Nurturance!

Blessings, Robin