Clarity & Self-Belief

You dreamed it for yourself. You wrote it down. You even created a stunning Vision Board.

But do you believe it can happen for you?

Here is what can sometimes happen for me:

I feel a passion in my heart to do something, create something, offer a service, open or start a business – and this dream is BIG and alive in my heart and mind! I sketch it out and maybe even share it with some trusted friends. Soon, it starts to feel like something I am driven toward – I cannot stop thinking about it. I have a vision board with images that resonant with this passion and, yes, I have even visited websites to design business cards to further my deep dive in this direction (if you are smiling, we might be kindred buddies in this process).

Then suddenly it seems that I am unable to get to the next stage of this dream. I might have read books on the subject or attended webinars to learn more, and I should feel ready to commit to the next step in the process of making this dream a reality.

But I am not. I am stuck in Dream world.

The amazing Christian leader Joyce Meyer summarized this:

I’ve got lots of wish bone but no back bone.

After years on this merry-go-round of sometimes achieving and sometimes never breaking through, I finally admitted what has happened when I hit the zero point of movement. I don’t actually BELIEVE that this dream is doable – by me. That I can do it. That I am worthy of it or important enough to accomplish it. And the pain of NOT having this happen is so great (because the passion inside is so large) that it feels as if failure will be catastrophic to my emotional self. It is better not to take One. More. Step.

As a Spiritual Teacher and a person who deeply believes in the Higher Spiritual Realm, Healing Angels and Spirit Guides, you can imagine how this damages my own inner sense of self.

And I know you may feel this frustration as well.

You might be stuck in Dream world too.

The real question is this:

If Source/God/Creator has inspired this creative fire of an idea, then why are we so distrustful of our own abilities and the journey to co-create with Source?

If we posed the question: “Do you believe your Spirit Guides keep you from danger? Keep you safe?” Most people would answer YES.

But if we ask, “Do you believe your Spirit Guides point the way to great success for you?” Many times the answer is a lukewarm MAYBE.

As humans we are designed to crave safety first and evaluate risk, even creative risk, from that perspective. If my Spirit Guide indicates that a car ride today would not be ideal for me – it would be a danger for me – then I am right there abiding by this wonderful inner guidance that is sparked by my intuitive abilities. I stay home.

But if my Spirit Guide indicates a ‘GO’ signal with something I have been working on – I might QUESTION that.

“Are you sure?” I ask.

“Maybe some more time at the drawing board on this one,” I decide. And the cycle of being inactive, stuck, or paralyzed begins again.

How do we move beyond this static space and the fear of plunging ahead?

Three Simple Steps break the Paralysis Cycle

One Prayer at a Time.

I know this sounds like an airy-fairy answer, but know this:

Source/God/Creator is always listening and our Spirit Guides and Angels are constantly looking for ways to help us.

As Abraham, channeled through Esther Hicks, reminds us: The Universe always says YES.

When we pray in gratitude with an open heart, we are ASKING for the self-esteem, the courage, the persistence to rise up inside and see us through to the next (even minor) step of the co-creative process.

And the answer is YES. We will be lifted, encouraged, and feel a surge of the quality that we were asking for running through every vein in our bodies!

Get over the guilty idea that you can only ask once in a millennium. ASK often, daily, or even five times in a day. Not from a begging place, but from a knowing space. We are building a positive attribute inside us that is MISSING from our upbringing when we openly seek this Divine Light assistance.

One Day at a Time.

When we feel overwhelmed with a ‘golden idea,’ it can usually be traced back to a spiraling out of control mental list of all that would need to be accomplished for that to be a reality.

For those of us who like to rush to the finish line (I am speaking of myself here!), please embrace this:

We can only do so much in a single day and in the hours available for a particular venture.

Like the accumulation of pennies added to a jar every day, we really will make progress by taking a deep breath and realizing that one day at a time is where our focus needs to be.

Honor yourself.

Honor your schedule of commitments.

And know that it is FINE – whatever you can do in the direction of your passion! Your Spirit Guides and Angels are there to help out and small steps really do count.

Layer for Strength.

Think of building a foundation inside yourself with this new attribute that you are praying for – be it patience, positive thinking, consistent follow-through, bravery and more. Use a few powerful materials and layer over and over again to create a strong new HOUSE – YOU!

Building blocks to make a solid POSITIVE You that takes action on inspired ideas:

  • Prayers generated often
  • Vision Boards created and posted in front of you
  • Positive Affirmations read daily
  • Willingness to refocus for only One Day at a Time

There is no deadline on your spiritual journey.

You are a beautiful and beloved soul that is greatly supported.

And your ideas and passion projects will flourish!

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