We often wonder if we are on a ‘Soul’ Journey when we are knee-deep in bills, deadlines, family commitments and cutting our sleep time to keep up with the demands of our daily schedule.

It feels more like a ‘Chore’ Journey.

And when social media posts flood in with smiling faces – “Enjoying my Best Life!” – we might even question if we are doing it wrong.

Breathe – Relax – and know this:

  1. We are not doing it wrong. We are doing what we have been trained to do by the modern world.
  2. We are on a Soul Journey, no matter what – but we may not be getting the answers we seek.

Our day-to-day can keep us spinning with familial and social obligations, continuous job training and work demands, financial stress, and an overabundance of technology and lack of time in nature.

And yet, we know in our hearts that REFLECTION time and dedicated HEALING efforts are a self-nurturing way to grow, transform, and begin to LIVE the Luminous Life we desire – AND – that Source desires for us as well!

But how do I fit in my Introspective & Healing Soul Journey?

As many people in my life circle are aware, my own Soul Journey started in 1997. My healing is thanks to the amazing presence of many Divine-Light Teachers such as Starr Fuentes and Selena Rodriguez.

My path as a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer took a quantum leap in 2014 because of my deepened dedication to ‘being seen’ (on the web), committing even more to my own LIGHT transformation, and offering classes & sessions more openly. In recognizing that I resonated with being a ‘Spiritual Alchemist,’ this lead me to explore new ways to blend the sacred and science with daily living.

Let me share THREE Spiritual Alchemy secrets…

Spiritual Alchemy Secret #1

You have to do this – this lifetime or another.

We find the time to deepen our walk with Source, our Spirit Guides, and our Inner Self because WE HAVE TO. This is the only way to begin living in balanced grace where we bring out our best talents, gifts, and compassion to the world. We cannot wish for this to magically happen.

YOU are worth your most precious time spent on revealing your Highest Blueprint for this lifetime.

We cannot be MORE for others until we are HEALED and LOVING ourselves.

Spiritual Alchemy Secret #2

It starts with small steps and builds to a natural state of Being.

There is no magic pill that will whisk us away to a life filled with butterflies and stars. (Okay, there might be, but we want an organic and drug-free life on this planet!)

It will require that we put one foot in front of the other (very third dimension/science based) and with the guidance of a trained Spiritual Teacher (the sacred element), we build a new foundation for the intuitive and grace-filled life we want to experience.

What DOES exist for us – in a super powerful and experiential way – is a life lived in miraculous breaths where:

We flow from one synchronicity to the next.

Our Intuitive Guidance is regularly ‘on.’

We see/feel/experience the manifestation of our joyful desires almost instantly.

We feel more grounded and greatly loved & supported on our unique Soul Journey.

Spiritual Alchemy Secret #3

The work pays off because the Universal Laws never fail.

After we dig deep and address issues and life traumas AND clear those out of our energy fields – we can explore our soul contracts and re-activate our Highest Blueprint for this lifetime. We become aware of working with Higher Realm Beings of LIGHT that are assisting us daily, and this co-creating is woven into the fabric of living a Higher Consciousness life.

In the Spiritual Alchemist world, we work from the place of consciousness creating our physical world. This has now been proven by the amazing Amit Goswami, Quantum Physicist!

It is a Top-Down Concept!

We are GREAT BEINGS of energy that have come to enjoy a planetary Earth life. Our physical bodies and the world we have created around us are results of our conscious thoughts and soul choices for evolution.

Universal Law states that what we create/think MUST be brought to us! It never fails.

So if we activate the brain with LIGHT, clear our blockages, and ground our energies, we will radiate Divine Light.

Divine Light emanating outward attracts grace, ease, joy, beauty, balance, abundance, and love.

Overland Park, Kansas Arboretum, Photo by Robin Morlock

Our Soul Journey opens us to Love, Joy, and Spiritual Depth.

These THREE Spiritual Alchemy Secrets boost our confidence about getting on path.

  • We will be required to do a conscious reflective & healing Soul Journey – it is in our soul contract – now or later.
  • Taking small steps is FINE – it adds up!
  • The Universe guarantees we will succeed and be successful in our quest.

My suggestion on getting started:

Find a Spiritual Teacher that you resonate with and commit to healing and discovering what your soul purpose is, how you are to express it best, and the peace that comes from healing your Inner Self.

You can do it alone, and it will take longer, but why do that?

We are here on this planet to be in community with one another! The authentic healers and teachers are out there, ready to assist you over the bridge from where you are now to where you desire to be – LUMINOUSLY expressing your gifts, talents and compassion for a world that needs the TRUE YOU.

Your Soul is greatly loved and supported always, and now is the time to embrace that essence by journeying deep to be grounded, balanced and whole.

You may find my Soul Journey Courses of interest.

Robin Morlock, Spiritual Alchemist, Intuitive Healer & Teacher, Soul Support Writer

Classes and Sessions to support your Soul Journey; Dreams ~ Soul Journey Courses ~ Spirit Guides ~ Soul Vibration ~ Luminous Consciousness and more.


Clarity & Self-Belief

You dreamed it for yourself. You wrote it down. You even created a stunning Vision Board.

But do you believe it can happen for you?

Here is what can sometimes happen for me:

I feel a passion in my heart to do something, create something, offer a service, open or start a business – and this dream is BIG and alive in my heart and mind! I sketch it out and maybe even share it with some trusted friends. Soon, it starts to feel like something I am driven toward – I cannot stop thinking about it. I have a vision board with images that resonant with this passion and, yes, I have even visited websites to design business cards to further my deep dive in this direction (if you are smiling, we might be kindred buddies in this process).

Then suddenly it seems that I am unable to get to the next stage of this dream. I might have read books on the subject or attended webinars to learn more, and I should feel ready to commit to the next step in the process of making this dream a reality.

But I am not. I am stuck in Dream world.

The amazing Christian leader Joyce Meyer summarized this:

I’ve got lots of wish bone but no back bone.

After years on this merry-go-round of sometimes achieving and sometimes never breaking through, I finally admitted what has happened when I hit the zero point of movement. I don’t actually BELIEVE that this dream is doable – by me. That I can do it. That I am worthy of it or important enough to accomplish it. And the pain of NOT having this happen is so great (because the passion inside is so large) that it feels as if failure will be catastrophic to my emotional self. It is better not to take One. More. Step.

As a Spiritual Teacher and a person who deeply believes in the Higher Spiritual Realm, Healing Angels and Spirit Guides, you can imagine how this damages my own inner sense of self.

And I know you may feel this frustration as well.

You might be stuck in Dream world too.

The real question is this:

If Source/God/Creator has inspired this creative fire of an idea, then why are we so distrustful of our own abilities and the journey to co-create with Source?

If we posed the question: “Do you believe your Spirit Guides keep you from danger? Keep you safe?” Most people would answer YES.

But if we ask, “Do you believe your Spirit Guides point the way to great success for you?” Many times the answer is a lukewarm MAYBE.

As humans we are designed to crave safety first and evaluate risk, even creative risk, from that perspective. If my Spirit Guide indicates that a car ride today would not be ideal for me – it would be a danger for me – then I am right there abiding by this wonderful inner guidance that is sparked by my intuitive abilities. I stay home.

But if my Spirit Guide indicates a ‘GO’ signal with something I have been working on – I might QUESTION that.

“Are you sure?” I ask.

“Maybe some more time at the drawing board on this one,” I decide. And the cycle of being inactive, stuck, or paralyzed begins again.

How do we move beyond this static space and the fear of plunging ahead?

Three Simple Steps break the Paralysis Cycle

One Prayer at a Time.

I know this sounds like an airy-fairy answer, but know this:

Source/God/Creator is always listening and our Spirit Guides and Angels are constantly looking for ways to help us.

As Abraham, channeled through Esther Hicks, reminds us: The Universe always says YES.

When we pray in gratitude with an open heart, we are ASKING for the self-esteem, the courage, the persistence to rise up inside and see us through to the next (even minor) step of the co-creative process.

And the answer is YES. We will be lifted, encouraged, and feel a surge of the quality that we were asking for running through every vein in our bodies!

Get over the guilty idea that you can only ask once in a millennium. ASK often, daily, or even five times in a day. Not from a begging place, but from a knowing space. We are building a positive attribute inside us that is MISSING from our upbringing when we openly seek this Divine Light assistance.

One Day at a Time.

When we feel overwhelmed with a ‘golden idea,’ it can usually be traced back to a spiraling out of control mental list of all that would need to be accomplished for that to be a reality.

For those of us who like to rush to the finish line (I am speaking of myself here!), please embrace this:

We can only do so much in a single day and in the hours available for a particular venture.

Like the accumulation of pennies added to a jar every day, we really will make progress by taking a deep breath and realizing that one day at a time is where our focus needs to be.

Honor yourself.

Honor your schedule of commitments.

And know that it is FINE – whatever you can do in the direction of your passion! Your Spirit Guides and Angels are there to help out and small steps really do count.

Layer for Strength.

Think of building a foundation inside yourself with this new attribute that you are praying for – be it patience, positive thinking, consistent follow-through, bravery and more. Use a few powerful materials and layer over and over again to create a strong new HOUSE – YOU!

Building blocks to make a solid POSITIVE You that takes action on inspired ideas:

  • Prayers generated often
  • Vision Boards created and posted in front of you
  • Positive Affirmations read daily
  • Willingness to refocus for only One Day at a Time

There is no deadline on your spiritual journey.

You are a beautiful and beloved soul that is greatly supported.

And your ideas and passion projects will flourish!

See my BLOG on Finding Your Own Intuitive Path

Name Your Year: Honoring Your Life Journey

At the start of each New Year, we celebrate, toast to the passage of time, and make new resolutions for an improved future life. While this ritual is lovely and many times satisfying, there is, for many people, a key element missing.

Photo credit: Hannah Olinger/Unsplash.com

THAT IS: The recognition of what happened in your world in the last 12 months that developed who you are in this present moment.

The toughest part of ‘resolution-making’ is that we may find we choose the same resolution over and over each year. In many instances, it does not happen or progress is halted. We are unsure of WHY we are not accomplishing this ‘future life’ that we are sure will make us happy. We give up – we move into resignation for the same ole’ thing – and we may even be depressed for a time.

In our minds, the DREAM died. But what was it based on?

My deeper question is this:

Are we honoring what actually DID happen in the last 12 months of our lives?

Perhaps the reason the same resolutions are being created year after year is that the real changes occurring in our lives are not being recognized and honored. Not hated. Honored. On the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels – where were you?

How can we set a new direction if we don’t know where we are coming from?

I have a New Year ritual that has helped me over the years, and it is one that I started on my own. I have never heard of anyone recommending this (although someone may have), so I would like to share this in the hopes that it may be valuable to someone else.


If you think back on this last year and how you have journeyed through it – what title would you give it? That is a GREAT start to recognizing where you are today.

Photo credit: Tyler Nix/Unsplash.com

Every year, in early January, I take out a small journal that is dedicated to being wholly honest and honoring my journey of the last year. I have limited myself to ONE PAGE. That means that I have to keep the details more to bullet points.

I have been doing this since 2004, when I was training in a Christian Mysticism School. The idea came to me after a very important ‘Illumination Ceremony’ and I wanted to capture major details of this very transformative year in my life. As I began to write, I realized that there had been a THEME for the year, and so, I titled the year. I wrote honestly about ups and downs and major occurrences and this covered any/all categories in my life (relationships, career, spiritual growth, family) to all PEMS levels (my physical health, my emotional balance, my mental state, and my spiritual understandings) – whatever was the highlight of the year, that went down in bullet points on that page.

Here are some of my YEAR TITLES over the many years of this journal experience:

 The Heavy Energy Year; Return to My Spiritual Center

Super Light Energy Year; Simplify Balance & Focus

A Deeper Journey; Clearing My Path

The Training Ground

The Year of Manifestations

The Year of Elastic Paradigms

The Year of the Ever-Moving Target

The Year of Anger, Release, and Restart Again

The Year of Rooting In, Purification, and Frequencies

If you would like to try this for yourself, here is my process:

  • Sit down to record the previous year AFTER December 31.
  • Breathe deep a couple times, pull your energies in, and focus inward to your heart center.
  • Allow yourself to think back on the major happenings of the previous 12 months. FEEL what the theme of the year has been for you. No need to judge this. BE with it.
  • Open your eyes and write the year at the top of the page, and your THEME title for the year underneath that.
  • Bullet point down through the page your true journey during the year. Bullet points help us to stay brief. You are recording this to recognize it and for reading it years later. This is NOT the journal where you write at length to explore all that occurred. You may set up a separate journal to go deep into those life truths.
  • You may find some bullet points are stating a fact like, “We moved from this locale to this new locale” and other bullet points will anchor how you felt, or where you were mentally during the year. “I felt sabotaged and betrayed by a work colleague and it stressed me out for the entire year.” We acknowledge not only the physical changes in our world, but also how we felt or what consumed our thoughts – as these indicate the level of joy or stress that we dealt with all year long. Don’t forget to bullet point wonderful events that produced great joy and happiness! For your spiritual journey, perhaps you learned a great lesson and want to write it here.
  • At the end of your page, read back over what you just wrote. Breathe deep. Say out loud, “I honor my very precious life journey.” And if you feel like crying or laughing, do this. BE with your life journey.
  • As you prepare to close your journal and tuck it away for another year, this is a lovely time to ask for the Higher Realms to continue gracing your life with blessings, if that resonates with you.

Now, with a clear understanding of where you have been, and where you would like to go in the New Year, you turn a kinder eye on yourself in making these new resolutions.

I promise you will have clarity of what is truly important to you, and best of all, you will have a journal that can detail decades of your life in a simple and truthful manner. Your highs and lows will be there, and in the end, your own awesome human perseverance and inner LIGHT will shine bright.

Photo credit: Google Images

I say to you, “O’ Beautiful and Blessed One, Sacredly Honor Yourself.”

Recommend: A lovely book on the beauty of honoring life is ‘Prayers of Honoring,’ by Pixie LightHorse.

Many Blessings, Robin

Absorb Vortex Energy Wherever You Go!

Summer is here! It is time to travel, enjoy nature and go explore some new environments.

As spiritual seekers, Light workers, and healers, we have the added pleasure of tuning in for a few brief moments, wherever we are, and noticing the energy of a location. What vibrations do we feel? What new or otherworldly sound frequencies are we being treated to? How is the nature energy different from the last place we breathed in? What colors do our eyes see and how is that Ray of Light changing our consciousness?

Grand Canyon South Rim; google image

Vortex – Specific Ray of Light

Vortices are everywhere on our planet. As we walk around, we can feel changes in ourselves as we walk in different areas – maybe a little dizzy in one place, maybe an immense wave of love comes to our heart chakra in another place, and so on.

How can we learn more about Vortex energy and the increased Source Love vibration we may be experiencing? In the book, “New Cells, New Bodies, New Life!” by Virginia Essene and a group of other master channelers, Chapter 8 is a channeled article by Norman titled “Nova 8.” Perhaps this brief summary of Nova 8’s information will provide some wisdom insights about Vortex energy on our planet.

A Vortex is a spiraling stream of energy, a great arc of multicolored LIGHT patterns, that corkscrews back and forth along an interstellar pathway (like a cosmic highway) from our earth planet and back to Source again.

Art by SilviaStarlight5 at deviantart.com

There are 13 major vortex spirals converging on Earth, and where they intersect with each other, we will find sacred sites created by intuitive humans in ancient times.

Each vortex contains a specific encoding of LIGHT – it has a specific purpose and role in the evolution of Christ Consciousness on the planet. Twelve of the vortices are individually different, carrying one full spectrum of expression from Source. The thirteenth vortex carries all encodings of planetary cycles, past and present along with the activation codes for the ascension of our planet into the higher dimensions (above 3D).

Visualization of vortex of rainbow LIGHT streaming to Earth; Bing image

Each Soul matches a Ray of Light Vortex

As previously mentioned, each vortex contains a set of codes – a blueprint – that is a specific expression of Source creativity and love on this planet. Every soul is also encoded with one of these expressions, and when that soul being walks into that same vortex energy, it is a lovely download of soul wisdom from that Light projection.

A person who walks in a place on terra firma that has the influx of one of the 13 Vortex energies will gain essential understandings of the blueprints for our planet. If that person is drawn to a place that feels incredibly harmonious, it is possible that the person has discovered their resonant Vortex – the one that vibrates out the blueprint for one’s role in the planetary cycle of ascension and for their own soul evolution.

Redwood National Park; photo by Michael Schweppe

Have you noticed that people seem to be moving from their homes, their long-time locations and re-planting themselves in all-new locations? Perhaps this is something you have recently done, or your are considering uprooting and resettling in an area that seems to be ‘calling your heart.’

People who are in harmony with their soul path (even if that is on a deeply subconscious level) will begin to find themselves magnetized to the area where the vortex energy flow is in harmony with their soul expression. As they arrive there, it becomes a time of increased life satisfaction and joy of being-ness on the planet.

Summer Travels – Dip Your Toes in Vortex Light!

As you travel, you have the option to choose to be conscious of the vibrations, frequencies, colors, and nature energies around you.

Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Scotland; Bing photo

All of the vortex energies are supportive in different and amazing ways, and feeling those Light encodings will add to your inner soul journey.

As you pay attention to the subtle signals in each new place, you may find that you are energized more, drawn more, to a specific location over other locations. Who knows? That may be your resonating vortex Ray of Light! Enjoy it and let it wash over you and through you – feel free to absorb as much of that Light frequency as you want. It will only add to your ‘peace’ meter.

If you find a special place this summer, please feel free to share with us in the comments below. Sharing in our Light community is how we grow and expand in greater love, awareness, and compassion!

Blessings, Robin


Blessing Prayer: Cheyenne Medicine Wheel

This Blessing Prayer was written a couple of years ago when I visited a Cheyenne Medicine Wheel at the Arboretum in Overland Park, Kansas.

Arboretum Bridge; photo by Robin Morlock

This beautiful 300-acre park is filled with tree-lined walking trails, benches in the shade, waterfalls and trickling streams, and amazing flowers gardens.

Added to this sanctuary land is a sacred Cheyenne Medicine Wheel laid out with many different types of stones. It was created by a Cheyenne Indian Chief and dedicated to the care of the nature spirits and Mother Earth.

One sunny day, I enjoyed an outing to the Arboretum and spent time re-balancing with nature.

I completed the ‘spirit walk’ inside the medicine wheel and deposited a stone to the center, as suggested on the park plaque.

As I was departing, I turned back to the wheel and said, “I love you,” to the Spirit Guides holding space there. I held my digital camera up and took a quick photograph. I did not look at it, as I was standing in the sun and could not see the picture on the screen.

Back home, I uploaded all my Arboretum photos to my computer, and as I brought up the medicine wheel – my eyes widened and my heart soared – here was a full Rainbow Spirit Chief showing himself to me, and sending back the blessing.

I love to share this photograph: below are two views of one picture. The first is the original from where I stood and sent my love to the circle. The second is a cropped close-up of the original, so we can all see the Rainbow Spirit Chief more fully illuminated.

Cheyenne Medicine Wheel; Rainbow Manifestation back by the trees. Photo by Robin Morlock

Rainbow Spirit Chief, Guardian over the Cheyenne Medicine Wheel. Close up, Photo by Robin Morlock

My Blessing Prayer, written after seeing this beautiful photograph:

 Thank you, Great Father, Watcher, Keeper, Friend, Brother.

I send you many Blessings to the Heart Center. May Guardians of the LIGHT care for your sacred circle and cleanse all who step onto her path.

Thank you, Great Mother, Nurturer, Giver, Friend, Sister.

I send you many Blessings to the Womb Center. May Angelic LIGHT Beings bring in compassion and solidity for all who choose to know you.

Thank you Father, Thank you Mother.

May your Rainbow Kingdom reign supreme.

In greatest love, your beloved Daughter, Healer and Light Holder.

Soul Journey: Creating Outside Support for an Inner Dream

As I write this today, children and adults everywhere are preparing costumes for the Halloween weekend. Donning clothes, props and make-up that would seem ridiculous in the normal routine, most Halloween-goers enjoy the experience of ‘showing’ a bit of themselves…a bit of their fantasy inner life!

Zombie costume; Google images

I am fairly certain that nobody actually wants to be a flesh-eating zombie…right? Yet, when we put on the costume and run around frightening others with a dazed and heavy-footed walk, we are on display to the world about what subjects we are drawn to – what we find interesting – and what we will talk about at length with anyone in ear shot!

Halloween is a great example of how we can begin to put the outside pieces in place to support the larger life vision we hold in our hearts.

The old saying is: “Dress for the job you want.” I would like to explore this a bit deeper. How about these revised sayings?

“Display the life you are almost ready for,”


“Show off your Inner Dream costume”

Changing your clothes, the car you drive, your style of home, and even your physical location are all outside activities that we tend to see happening after we have changed fully in the way that we vision on the inside.

My experience, however, is that this is backwards. When you have made the full circle change that you envisioned for yourself, it can then feel like fingernails on a chalk board every time you deal with a construction from your old world. And those activities of moving to a new city or letting go of a group activity that you hold onto out of obligation become even more laborious. And take longer to complete, in general.

During our Soul Journey, the idea should not be to ‘fake it’ on the outside until you make it (on the inside) – but rather realize the inner change has already happened and you are simply setting up the container that will best support this new rebirth of YOU.

Girl with pretend make-up; Google image
Girl with pretend make-up; Google image

The New YOU

Just in having the Inner Vision of a different way of Being, you have already changed! Now we want to incubate that beautiful dream with supportive outside measures. This allows the Inner Vision to blossom when the time is right into the safe and Light-filled outer container that is your physical life.

Let’s say your heart has gained immense compassion over the last year through your own self-work, prayer, and outer circumstances. This ‘softening’ may lead you to desire to wear softer clothes, or a softer palette of clothing – something that more truly reflects you in this present moment. Let’s add to this that you are waiting to buy these new clothes until you have dropped 20 pounds – another part of your vision – a healthier You!

Dress Up Box; Google image
Dress Up Box; Google image

Don’t Delay!

My suggestion is do not hold back! Begin integrating these outside changes now, and let those supportive constructs reflect back to you who you already have become. It will hasten your movement toward the full vision that you carry in your heart, and simultaneously send out an alert to your environment of the shift. In return, you magnetize to yourself more people, places and situations that resonate clearly with your newly stated goals.

And yes, you will need to buy some additional clothes or tailor your new clothes when you lose those 20 pounds. This is nothing compared to the very real danger of holding back on living who you already are on the inside by waiting for another change. You might get discouraged and never get to experience what you are longing to display – the ‘Healthier You’ vision.

Get a Working Vehicle in Place

We all need reliable transportation to get us from Point A to Point B. Look in your life at any changes that you have been thinking of making for some time now. By getting all of the physical 3D pieces in place quickly, you allow yourself a good working vehicle for the journey. Remember, you need to get comfy with the new 3D changes as well.

Take small steps that have an accumulation factor in play. With your outer world reflecting more and  more of your healthy, healed, authentic inner world, you will soon have in place a strong working vehicle. You can take it slow or go fast toward your new life.

Your Inner Self will blossom by visually ‘seeing’ this new world all around. The speed of the journey, of course, is up to you.

Enjoy Halloween – and contemplate that outside Lifestyle costume you have on. Does it still fit?

Many Blessings, Robin

Harvest Moon 2016: Preparing the Way

In North America, Friday, September 16, 2016 is the Harvest Moon. It is the Full Moon of the Autumn season, and is close to the Autumn Equinox on September 22, 2016.

Harvest Moon Importance

The Harvest Moon is a time of the harvesting of the second crop – all of the root plants – and an important time of storing up reserves for the long, cold winter ahead. In many ancient traditions, it was considered a time of casting spells for prosperity and preparing the physical body to endure the hardship of snow over the landscape.

This year’s Harvest Moon is of great importance, as it will also be the last lunar eclipse on a Harvest Moon until 2024, according to National Geographic. Imagine what a change this is for the planet – that a baby born today will not see a lunar eclipse on our special Harvest Moon until the child is eight years old!

In North America, we will not see the lunar eclipse, but we can honor it as a shift that prepares the way for the next 8 years. A new level of higher consciousness living is being anchored now, and most of us have been feeling the shifts this past summer (physical, mental and emotional).

The Miracle 100 years ago

Three shepherd children of Fátima, Portugal were being prepared in the summer of 1916 for a much greater change for themselves, their community, and the world.

Lúcia dos Santos (9 yrs old), and her cousins Francisco Marto (8 yrs old) and Jacinta Marto (6 years old) lived a quiet life in the small town of Aljustrel, a village in the parish of Fátima, about 80 miles north of Lisbon. During the summer of 1916, the children were tending sheep in the hills every day by themselves, and received three visitations from what they perceived to be an Angel.

The Children of Fatima; Lucia dos Santos, Francisco Marto, and Jacinta Marto, 1917
The Children of Fatima; Lucia dos Santos, Francisco Marto, and Jacinta Marto, 1917

This miracle was so great and touched them so deeply that they did not speak of it to anyone. They prayed the rosary, as instructed, and each one began to change in noticeable ways. Physically, they all felt higher levels of exhaustion after the visitations, and yet, greater peace inside. They each noticed how they were treating their friends and each other, and began to shift to a gentler and more generous nature. According to the book “The Children of Fatima” by author Leo Madigan, after visitations the children found they could not speak or play or follow a normal routine for a couple of days. They felt as though they were in a daze from the beauty of the Angel and the energy they had felt during the visitation.

They were being prepared – the Angel showed up to assist them in raising their vibrations and strengthening their bodies. What were they being prepared for? In the following year, on May 13, 2017, the children received the first of 6 visitations from the Holy Mother, Mother Mary. The Mother prepared them with Light and asked them to tell others there would be a miracle on October 13, 2017.

Image of the Children of Fatima visited by the Angel; thefatimaproject.com
Image of the Children of Fatima visited by the Angel; thefatimaproject.com

The children obeyed, and thousands and thousands of people began to come to the small town to see the apparitions. Some 30,000 to 100,000 people gathered on October 13th at the Cova da Iria, where the visitations had been occurring for the children. They were rewarded with what is knows as “the Miracle of the Sun.” The rain disappeared and the sun began to change colors and rotate like a wheel in the sky. Many saw this “miracle” from as far as 40 kilometers away, unaware of the happenings at Cova da Iria. Lucia, Fancisco and Jacinta reported that they witnessed Mother Mary, the Christ Jesus and a host of Angelic Beings from the Heavens reaching down and pouring blessings over the masses.

What changes have you been experiencing?

Over the past summer months, many people have noticed physical changes in their bodies, and a ‘softening’ of their Inner Self. There have been changes in attitude, and ‘sudden’ healings of long-rooted traumas, as though rotted tree trunks and all the root limbs have been yanked out permanently.

What have you noticed for yourself over the past 3 months? Are physical ailments now clearing up? The strange pains in hips or the spine or legs are starting to wane? Notice also if you feel more clear-headed, and have received greater clarity on your path. Write down (to anchor the change) if any long-held patterns have cleared, been removed, or transmuted.

We are being prepared for a new world – for living at a much higher consciousness level and, just as a square peg will not fit into a round hole, we have been in need of adjustments. What will not work in the higher vibrations must go, and so it may have been shed gracefully or with a bit of what felt like blunt force. What we know is that it is in preparation for a substantially more graceful way of living.

Gratitude through our Light-Filled Words & Actions

We have the God-given power to speak anything into manifestation. Know that this is increased when you cross into living at a higher frequency of committed authenticity of the Higher Self. Divine LIGHT will be shining forth from you like a beacon in a Lighthouse, as we manifest with positive intention and attract people and situations that flow easily with our life path.

Harvest Moon over the fields
Harvest Moon over the fields

So for tonight, enjoy the Harvest Moon! Bring out your bowls of fruit, candles and lanterns and speak out the powerful words of prayer and blessings over yourself, your family & friends, and the global community. Thank Mother Earth for her beautiful support, day in, day out, and know that you have been strengthened to thrive in this winter season, and blossom over the next 8 years!

Blessings, Robin

Soul Journey: Higher Consciousness Living Shifts

Affirmations are offered by Energy & Intuitive Healers as a path to success, deeper love, more joy – essentially a Higher Consciousness Living plane of existence. If this is such a powerful tool, why is it that so many people find it fails them?

From a Spiritual Alchemist perspective, I have experienced what I term “the Higher Consciousness Living” shift by the combination of both Science & the Sacred – a blend that elevates our consciousness, health and peace over a lifetime of our Soul Journey.

Luminous Consciousness Robin MorlockWe live in (basically) 4 planes of energy – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. When we feel discomfort in one or more of the planes, we seek to make a change. That is our internal innate GPS – a guidance system that moves us always in a path of growth and expansion.

As many of us have learned, contraction or static living can hurt – literally. You feel like you expanded inside a box and the walls of the box are pressing in – you cannot breathe. When this happens, we are motivated to make a change, but many times we are trapped by the mental sphere. We imagine that we can ‘think’ our way out of the box.

4 Planes come together to effect the desired Quantum Shift

Affirmations are formed by our mental mind and this is a form of a cognitive behavior technique. We are changing our belief system by repetition of something we greatly desire that is different from our current experience.

To truly affect a change, what we are actually asking for (consciously or subconsciously) is an elevation of our conscious living state.

We want a quiet mind, free from worries.

We desire to be in loving relationships where people value one another.

We dream of a body that has energy and less pain or discomfort.

We crave an intimate conversation with Source and our inner Intuitive Self.

We need attention to all 4 planes, as they weave together and produce the noticeable and quantifiable difference that we seek. This is why so many people struggle when working with affirmations. They are pushing the mental plane to accomplish a herculean task; quantum life shift!

4 Ways to weave your Quantum Shift into Place!

Physical – This has to do with habits of living. You may be experiencing difficulty with your diet, your sleep patterns, exercise regime and pain management. Take the baby steps to institute the new habits, and be gentle in this process. Gentle means easing into the new habit with doable steps.

Mental – Here is where the affirmations and intention statements come into play. Write affirmations that are general enough to allow Source to ‘surprise’ you with wondrous new changes! Don’t limit yourself with too much specific language in your Affirmation. “Everyday I am loved by supportive friends.”

Emotional – Heartfelt Prayer and Appreciation thoughts will open and expand this plane. Many of us experience a ‘closed heart’ due to emotional pains taken on in relationships and life situations. Allow more grace to flow in!

Spiritual – Energy healings (like Reiki) will assist the body in pain relief, but are mostly geared to ‘filling up’ your spiritual fuel tank, bringing in peace and inspiration. Spiritual Initiations are necessary and come most powerfully through working with an authentic Healer, although these can also be prayed for in the quiet of your home. Initiations gradually seep into the cellular tissue, and the LIGHT re-patterns our DNA. Initiations also work like a large shiny net that pulls out karmic and emotional stings that you are ready to let go of – that you cannot hold onto in a next level consciousness shift.

Dimensions Robin Morlock

Higher Consciousness Living Shift

These 4 plane changes come about from a natural diamond (4 step) process. In order to move to the next level of Higher Consciousness, we must be willing to put attention in all 4 areas.

4 Planes to Higher Consciousness ©Robin Morlock
4 Planes to Higher Consciousness ©Robin Morlock

The Cycle

As shown in the diamond-process, when we gain this next level quantum shift into a Higher Consciousness Living state, we are blessed with vitality, creativity, inspiration, peace of mind, joy of being in the moment, and fulfillment in our growing closeness with Source.

One day we realize that the shift is REAL. We are no longer triggered by a long-time painful issue, and we find beauty-of-spirit and smiles in those around us. This is not nirvana, but a deepening of our inner Light that desires authentic and fulfilling experiences with others and our planet.

It is so subtle at times that we realize it with a small ‘ahhh…’

Once we recognize that a new layer has been revealed on our path, it is great to note this in a journal. I promise, it can be so subtle that you may not even ‘see’ it at first. Affirm it to yourself when you do have your ‘Ah-ha’ moment. Your appreciation will deepen the experience.

How long will this last? Every one’s Soul Journey is individual, so this magical combination is different for each of us. But as we continue to shine, and share our LIGHT with others, we will naturally reach a point of needing to stretch again. This is when you will feel some discomfort – the pushing at the walls of the box again.

Gift of YOU Robin Morlock

Your Gift to Others

As you reach your next level of Higher Consciousness Living, your aura will announce this to everyone else! You walk into a room and suddenly there are three people around you, wondering what you have been up to. They see/sense your LIGHT has grown.

Just BEING allows others who are in discomfort to gain assistance – their aura will pick up from your aura necessary ‘information.’ Energetically, we can assist others in igniting what they intuitively know to seek – and it is the first REAL step.

I look forward to hearing about your shifts and changes!

Many blessings, Robin

Soul Journey: Find Your Own Intuitive Path

One of my favorite activities is to look up ancient Alchemist recipes! I read the half-scientific and half-convoluted directions that were put down in earnest scientific and mystical exploration, and I wonder…how could they be so inexact in measurements? Cryptic symbols slipped in with notations giving exact measurements, and then the vague instructions of ‘heat between 250ºC and 350ºC’ for the completion of the formula.

What? How many times must I experiment with the heat element in order to find the right complement of elements? Is this any better than a witch’s brew of ‘a pinch of this’ and ‘a dash of that,’ but ‘only when the moon is three days into waning, and three dogs barked at midnight…’?

Of course, this is funny to us now, but to an ancient Alchemist there was an exact method that had to be followed and that would end in proper results. Half a dash the wrong way and you have ruined your formula magic.

But the ancient Alchemists had another secret – the subjective measurements were on purpose! This protected their special elixir because it required their own intuitive understanding of the recipe and elements in order to help it blossom in the bottle.

Alchemist book and bottles on shelf
Alchemy books and bottles – Bing image

Exact Instructions in Spiritual Practices

How many of us have tried to apply this follow-the-instructions road with our Spiritual Journey? And sadder yet, how many of us have given up or have felt continually disconnected from Source because the ‘recipe’ did not seem to work for us?

It Happened to Me, too

When I began a serious study of spiritual topics, alternative healing modalities and deep inner core Soul work, I read at a voracious pace every book I could find on certain subjects in the spiritual and metaphysical field.

Meditation, for example, was an area that I really wanted to excel in – because I was impatient and terrible at quieting my mind. Like many others before me, I listened to recordings or followed exact instructions on how to get down to this inner, calm state of ‘no mind.’

The result? I fidgeted. I sat so long my bones ached. And, sometimes, I achieved a state of true peace for a few minutes. I felt like a failure and I stopped trying for quite some time.

Meanwhile, I was training in Reiki (hands-on healing) alternative healing method. This was a modality that I loved because of the grace and ease of it, and my dedication lead to Mastery training. Eventually I decided to move forward with teaching and initiations for others in order to spread this amazing healing method.

Discovering My Own Secret Recipe!

What I discovered while practicing Reiki healing: My mind got super quiet while facilitating a Reiki healing session for a client. So quiet, in fact, that my intuitive mind was able to connect more freely with Spirit Guides and Angels, and I was ‘moved’ all around the client’s body into healing positions that were slightly out of the norm for a traditional Reiki session. All of this co-creative union with Source worked for the client, bringing in deep shifts and pain relief. It worked for me because I got myself ‘out of the way’ of the healing process and achieved a deep inner peace that grew and grew over the years.

ancient book with inside bottles
Ancient book hiding Alchemy elements – Bing image

Your Own Intuitive Path

As you persevere forward on your own mystical inner path to reveal your true LIGHT and learn more about your soul purpose and life path choices, notice if you are trying to follow someone else’s exact instructions!

Gaining ‘guidelines’ from amazing teachers, instructors and gurus is necessary – each of us needs to look for guidance from the one ahead of us on the road, but our uniqueness prevents us from following instructions to the letter.

We simply must find our insights and co-creative union with Source with our own recipes!

Add in your ‘pinch of this’ and ‘dash of that’ in a creative and flexible manner that truly resonates for you. On my website and in my teachings, I provide instructions here and there on ways to ground, to do energy cord cutting, and more – but I fully expect my students and clients to find their own intuitive path within these guidelines.

“I accept within myself that my path, my progress, and my timing are my own, and it is perfect.”

Stop trying to follow exact recipes for your life that belong to someone else. Let your creative intuition take over!

Here are steps that might help when you are frustrated with a process and trying to find your own intuitive path:

  • STOP – relax and take some deep breaths
  • Open to your creative side – “I am an amazing, creative, and generous being, and I am greatly loved.”
  • Ask yourself, “In looking at this process that I am trying to follow, what works for me? What does not?”
  • Ask yourself, “How can I deepen and expand into what works for me?”
  • Review: “What new insights have I discovered about myself and MY LIGHT?”
  • Check in: “Is there a way being revealed (yet) on how I can share this with others?”

Take note for yourself and deepen into what is actually working for you so new discoveries will come your way – and REPEAT.

That would be my recipe, if you want to try it!

Blessings, Robin

Shaman or Professor – What type of Teacher are You?

As holistic healers and teachers, we have all spent time learning at the feet of our gurus – those Master Teachers who have walked the life path and generously provided their wisdom words for our betterment.

Like me, you may have had some teachers that you resonated with immensely, and then others where it seemed to fall flat. But once we discover our passion – the subject we love, learn and desire to teach – we might think back on past teachers and wonder, “How can I truly reach my students with LIGHT and insights for quantum change?”

Teaching from your Soul Center

An amazing life-path astrologer, Brook Jasmyn, explained the transforming time for Planet Earth that we are all experiencing now. In great service, as Healers & Teachers, we chose THIS TIME to reincarnate and assist humanity in higher consciousness growth.

In light of that, we would be ushering in a different type of teaching than what has been anchored here for the last 2,000 years; bringing the Shaman to take the place of the Professor.

Piscean Age transits to Aquarian Age

Humanity is leaving the Piscean Age and transitioning into the Aquarian Age. This brings in a different type of teacher. Let’s explore what the ‘Ages’ mean:

Zodiac Horoscope Signs, zodiachoroscopesigns.com
Zodiac Signs, zodiachoroscopesigns.com

According to astrology wisdom dating back to Hipparchus in 127 BC, the planet transitions backwards through the astrological signs (based on the vernal equinox transits) every 2,160 years. This means that the planet and humanity experience the qualities of that astrological sign for that period. If each sign is experienced, we have a full transition on the planet of about 25,920 years.

NOTE: this corresponds to the Mayan long count calendar transition where they calculated the end of a cycle of the Earth’s precession (wobble on its axis) – at 26,000 years. This was confirmed through the Milankovitch Theory in the 1920’s.

Many astrologers shorten this period to a straight 2,000 years, for ease in counting, and explain that we are in ‘cross-over’ of both signs at the front and back of each transition. So, for ease in counting, it is said that from approximately 1 AD to the year 2000, we were in the PISCEAN Age. Now, from the year 2,000 to the year 4,000, we will be in the AQUARIAN Age. Each age carries a ‘thought consciousness’ related to that astrological sign that pervades humanity’s growth and actions.

Becoming an Aquarian Teacher

Helping Hands; image from Bing.com
Helping Hands; image from Bing.com

Let’s review a chart that shows us the differences between a Piscean Teacher (our rigid Professor) and an Aquarian Teacher (our soul-centered Shaman):

 How the Teacher relates to the Student

PISCEAN TEACHER                                                AQUARIAN TEACHER                         

Maintain the Status Quo Change the Status Quo
Ultimate Authority in the Universe  Does not want to be Authority Figure
Teacher believes once they have done it one time, they have mastered it, and then they know it all  Teacher believes that the more they learn, the less they know, and the more they want to learn from the subject
Establishes Dominant/Subservient relationship with Student Establishes an equal relationship with Student
One-way street of Dialogue that says, “Learn from me” Two-way street of Dialogue that says, “I might learn from the Student today”
Learn the Hard Way Let’s have Fun!
“Do what I say, not what I do” “I must walk my talk”
Sets Impossible standards for the Student In touch with Reality and sets Realistic Goals with baby steps for the Student
Teacher must convince the Student that as a Teacher, he/she has arrived at perfectionism Teacher stays open and vulnerable to show their imperfections
“Perfectionism Destination” – emulate me “Processing never ends” – continue to grow
Not natural and easy in delivery of message Natural and easy in delivery of message

Many of us have grown up under PISCEAN Age teachers. So while our hearts are moved to teach like an AQUARIAN teacher, we may find our habits influenced by the former.

Open Your Heart and Your Mind

Brook was clear that as an AQUARIAN teacher, you are holding the student’s hand for a temporary time – the Shaman walking beside the student – while you are modeling a new way of Being for the student. As the teacher, you are constantly learning as well. By being honest and authentic about your own journey, you transmit more honor and respect to the student about their own path choices.

Hands on a globe, © Royalty-Free/Corbis
Hands on a globe, © Royalty-Free/Corbis

I sincerely hope the chart assists you in reviewing where you excel and where you can open and deepen your teaching work. And I thank you, each of you who are choosing to be grounded, strong, and work in the Divine Light – thank you for choosing THIS TIME to teach and bring about compassion, understanding, and healing.

Many blessings to Brook Jasmyn, who has transitioned from this planet, for passing on this important message to Light Healers and Teachers.

Blessings, Robin