Letter to Self: Encouragement!

We all have days when it seems that the journey of life has it in for us. For me, those moments come after a few disappointing losses – maybe I didn’t get the job I hoped for, or my college essay paper was less than stellar after tons of work, or a new venture I started was super slow in taking off…

Whatever it is for each of us, we know that familiar feeling of wanting to give up, to quit, or worse – feeling like we are never going to have a ‘win.’

I call this the DARK PIT.

It feels like an energetic sinking down – and dark because I struggle to see LIGHT in that moment. The Hope that should be there. If you have suffered this, then you might relate when I say that this can last half a day, or days, for me.

The challenge is to get OUT of the DARK PIT and not always to rely on other people and their energy systems for this help.

YES, it is great when we have a team of supportive and loving folks around to lift our spirits, AND, it also is a sign of spiritual maturity when we take responsibility to find our own way out.

How to pull ourselves out of the dark pit when we are FULLY in it.

ENCOURAGEMENT is the key to climbing out of negative thinking and back to a positive and hopeful perspective.

This is the elixir from others that boosts our confidence, gets us laughing at ourselves, and moves us to take forward steps once again. So, can we muster Self-Encouragement for our own personal process of perspective re-alignment?

YES! But first…

Let’s look at the word ‘encouragement’ for deeper understanding.

Encouragement breaks out to EN-COURAGE-MENT.

EN = prefix that means to go into a particular state or condition, to put in or put on something, according to the Collins online dictionary.

COURAGE = the attitude of dealing with anything recognized as difficult, painful, or dangerous instead of withdrawing from it; being fearless, according to the same dictionary.

MENT = the dictionary also provides us the meaning of this suffix; an action or resulting state, a product.

We can see that to provide ourselves with SELF-ENCOURAGEMENT would mean that individually we must desire to ‘go into a state’ ‘of courage (an attitude) dealing with something difficult’ which gives us the ‘resulting state’ we sought to put in place.

Sounds like a beautiful circle!

I enter into courage to get to the state of courage.

For those of us who like to explore how this is felt in the Chakra system – think about your THIRD CHAKRA – located at the solar plexus of the body.

As the enlightened teacher, healer and writer Caroline Myss tells us in her book, ‘Invisible Acts of Power,’ the THIRD CHAKRA embodies the power of endurance. To withstand trials and tribulations and to assert oneself in a community with one’s gifts and talents.

So our third chakra – our power center – feels off balance when we are down, when we have not had ‘winning moments’ that were fueled by our passionate dreams and actions.

Time to Nourish our THIRD CHAKRA and LIFT our Mental State

A beautiful compassionate action: We can write a letter or card to ourselves that reminds us of who we really are – amazing souls in physical bodies anchoring LIGHT for the planet and others!

I have a lovely small card that I wrote for myself a couple of years ago. It sits on a table in my office, and when I need that reminder – that LIFT – I open the card and read the inscription that my Higher Self consciousness wrote to my Lower Self consciousness to pull me out of a dark pit.

I have a beautiful life. I love my husband, my family, and my home. I live daily in deep grace poured over me and through me by CREATOR and I AM BLESSED. Generosity fills my heart. Gratitude emanates daily. I AM a greatly beloved daughter of CREATOR and the UNIVERSE. All is well in my world. I take this one step at a time, and I AM in PERFECTION now.

How to Write Your Self-Encouragement Letter

Make time and create a sacred space to write your card to yourself. Gather your materials. Perhaps you want to create a card, or maybe you have a special blank card you have been saving for a friend. This is YOUR special time!

Center yourself and write from the HEART. Imagine writing to a beloved friend who needs encouragement to get going again with hope. FEEL your Higher Self come in through the top of your head, your Crown chakra, and let that supportive energy settle into your heart space.

Imagine how loving your Higher Self and your Angels would speak to you!

WRITE this LOVE LETTER of encouragement to yourself.

When you are done, read it out loud one full time through and FEEL this gorgeous energy as it flows through your body and energizes your soul.

Final step: Honor your card by placing it in a special place in your home that is private for you. This is not a card for other people’s eyes.

And close your Letter Writing Session with gratitude in your heart for YOURSELF and all the Higher Spiritual Beings that were helping you write this love letter to yourself.

I hope this re-alignment with your Higher Self Consciousness perspective will always bring you balance, grounding, and a feeling of being greatly loved, as it has for me over the years. We truly can help ourselves out of a dark place and into the LIGHT.

May you be LIFTED by your Letter of Encouragement.

If you try this out, please share your experience or thoughts below.

We are here to also encourage each other!

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2 thoughts on “Letter to Self: Encouragement!

  1. Annette Radler

    Dear Robin, thank you for sharing this gentle and beautiful reminder. I feel the healing wisdom within.
    Blessings, Annette


    1. Thank you, beautiful Annette! It was lovely to meet you awhile back. Our sacred feminine spirits can be bold and strong, and delicate and meandering at the time. How wonderful that we may go deep within and remind ourselves of that beauty. Blessings to you, lovely friend!


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