Channeled Information

The Ascended Masters in the Higher Realms

For many years, I have been a channel for some specific Ascended Master Energies. This means that when I am quiet and purposefully go into an altered state, I am able to open to the Higher Realm energy/entity inhabiting my body long enough to channel some information about a subject, or answer questions for others.

I only work with Ascended Masters Teachers of the Highest Divine Light.

Most of my experience has been in the form of automatic writing. I will usually begin by asking a question about a subject of interest (Robin is asking) and then move into the altered state. The answers are brought out through pen and paper writing and I am only semi-conscious during this state. When I return from this state of consciousness, I do not have any memory of what was written. As I read back over the transmission that is down on paper, I will sometimes have an internal flash memory of what the Ascended Master was showing me in visual form.

When I channel openly with other people in attendance, I allow the entrance of the Higher Realm entity and I am only conscious slightly in that I feel I am ‘sitting in a chair’ at the back right side of my head. While I cannot speak as ‘Robin’ during this time, and the Ascended Master speaks through me – I am able to feel the vibrations of the people in the room, and all of the questions. I am visually shown some of the extracted information that is provided by the Ascended Master, as though it is being played before me like a movie. This is fortunate and when I return from this altered state, I am able to give small clarifications to people based on the answers that were previously provided, since I see more detail in the vision than what might have been stated out loud.

Ascended Master Energies/Entities that I work closely with:

Rainbow Spiritual Energy captured on digital photo near Cheyenne Medicine Wheel, Overland Park, Kansas. This photo was taken by Robin Morlock.
  • ArchAngel Michael
  • Master Djwhal Khul, know as Master D.K, the Tibetan, who most famously channeled books through Alice A. Bailey.
  • Master Kuthumi, known as Master K.H.
  • The Great Brotherhood of Light
  • The Sirian Council of Light
  • The Arcturian Star Masters

My greatest hope is that you find this information helpful in your own spiritual quest.

Blessings, Robin Morlock