Alchemy Tips: Mercury Retrograde hits again!

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.

Everything we see is perspective, not the truth.”

—Marcus Aurelis

Mercury Retrograde took hold of us again today, April 28th, and keeps its tight teeth around us until May 22nd. Oh joy.

I prepared myself for computer glitches to begin today, for my cell phone to get sketchy and even the possibility that my car would hiccup here and there…but I seemed to forget all about ‘personal communications.’

In our close relationships, we assume that we know what the other person is thinking, but in actuality, we are complex and ingenious beings that can hide our feelings, even from ourselves. Until a Mercury Retrograde, that is!

Misunderstandings; google images
Misunderstandings; google images

Here is what I have been reminded about today from Source in my own communication debacle: a person’s truth is really only their own – it can never be someone else’s truth.

We live collectively, but we experience life separately.

As humans, we can create goals together, projects, companies, families, homes and so much more. But it is important to remember that each of us sees a slightly different shade of the blue sky, and while it can bring us together for a common good, it can also keep us divergent from one another.

Our biggest challenge is to be able to ‘hear’ from someone what their truth (perspective) is all about. Just hear it. We are not responsible to do anything with that information at that moment, or maybe never. But if someone wants to be blunt and somewhat in-your-face about something personal (thank you again, Mercury Retrograde), maybe it is time to just listen.

My goal for the next 24 days of this potential communication minefield is to be mindful that when I hear someone’s ‘truth’ – it is perfectly fine to allow it and not try to align them with my ‘truth.’

Every shade of different; google images
Every shade of different; google images

“Today I am thankful for all the support in my life, for Divine Blessings, for the capacity to be honest and compassionate, and for all the million-gazillion ways that my partner is different from me.”

Rock on, Mercury Retrograde, rock on!

Blessings, Robin