Alchemy Tips: New Moon Wishes

Many people focus on the full moon and all the strange or wonderful changes we see and feel at that time. The full moon is the ‘Mother Goddess’ of the moon phases, which means that it is the full fruition point; the time when changes you have put into place are blossoming and giving fruit.

The New Moon is spectacularly overlooked and yet, it is the most powerful time for planting your new wishes and confirming affirmations. A wonderful book on this subject is “New Moon Astrology; The Secret of Astronomical Timing to Make All Your Dreams Come True,” by Jan Spiller.

New Moon Power

Jan Spiller helps us to understand the significance of the New Moon ‘wishing power’ and reminds us that this phase of the moon is the ‘Maiden Goddess,’ for new beginnings and fresh starts.

Today, April 7th, is the New Moon, and Spiller suggests that we make our wishes within 48 hours of the New Moon, for full strength potency. Astrologically, the New Moon is in Aries, and that astrology sign’s qualities are enhanced during this time.

How to Set Your Wish Intentions

New Moon peeking through trees; image from Bing
New Moon peeking through trees; image from Bing

As we excitedly set up our wishes for this New Moon cycle, Spiller has some suggestions for us.

  • Know that your wishes can be for any length of time; one month, 6 months, 1 year
  • Make your wishes within 48 hours of the activation of the New Moon energy
  • Try to keep your list of wishes under ten individual wish statements
  • If you focus a couple of your wishes in one area, you increase the power of that wish intention
  • Do not combine more than one focus in a single wish statement (quit fatty foods and start exercising – not recommended to have two focuses in one wish)
  • WRITE them down and keep them in your New Moon Journal
  • You can use condition words like “easily,” “gracefully,” “quickly,” etc. in your descriptions of wish intents
  • Her favorite sentences begin with, “I want to easily find myself…” finish with desired situation (enjoying exercise daily; embracing a next, better job)
  • To take negative traits OUT, Spiller suggests using words like, “I want all inner resistance to ____ totally lifted from me,” or “I want all impatience totally lifted from me,” for example.
  • Use what you know are the qualities of the Astrological sign the New Moon is in at the time to enhance those qualities in your life
zodiac horoscope signs
Zodiac Horoscope Signs,

ARIES New Moon Today

Since today is an Aries New Moon, let’s look at what types of qualities we could enhance:

Aries (the Ram) are known for (positive qualities):

  • Individuality
  • Leadership
  • Exploration
  • Fearlessness and taking risks
  • Assertiveness
  • New trail blazer
  • Boldness
  • Courage

You could choose to focus on enhancing and attracting more of these positive qualities into your life experience.

Aries (the Ram) are known for (negative qualities):

  • Impulsiveness
  • Selfishness
  • Vanity
  • Impatience
  • Anger
  • Self-Absorption

You could choose to eliminate these negative qualities by statements that release and lift these qualities from your inner being.

Explore and be honest with yourself, and I am confident you will discover powerful New Moon wish intentions that, once planted in your subconscious/conscious minds and with Cosmic Universe assistance enlisted – will lead you to graceful and dynamic changes over the next few months and years.

Blessings, Robin


Soul Journey: Divine Timing

Years ago I attended a weekend workshop for spiritual seekers who wanted to fearlessly examine personal life choices and present circumstances. The goal was to emerge on Sunday with an essential understanding of our life path purpose and to get back on track with renewed vigor.

Looking back now, I am filled with a great appreciation of this ‘examination’ as a life’s work and not a weekend excursion. However, one teaching from that workshop remains with me: the timing of windows of opportunity in our lives.

It seems that in our new-found smorgasbord of universal spirituality, we have grasped onto the belief that an opportunity once opened is always available to us. All that we need to do is get up the courage to follow that specific path. What appears to come as a shock is when we discover that the window has closed – with a resounding thud. While this means that another window has opened up somewhere, it is not usually the same window (specific path choice), and our inability to let go of the original information is where we get stuck in a mud-pit of inaction.

Here is what happened at the workshop

A middle-aged, unmarried woman was in distress about her career and relationship status and she was trying to decide whether to stay in her current home city or to move to another U.S. city and start over again. The master teacher for the workshop was also a renowned psychic and channeler and had advised (through Higher Realm information) this same woman four years earlier concerning this subject.

At that time, it was revealed that a different city was the one for her; that her heart was singing out for this location and that if she started her career over in that city, much prosperity would be on its way to her. In other words, there was Higher Realm support linked with her soul contract for the choice of moving to this city where there would be more abundance and ease for her in accomplishing her goals.

She chose inaction and indecision

The class learned that she never made the move and had, instead, remained in her current city. She shared that over the past four years, she had continued to struggle to make a living and still did not feel connected to a like-minded, like-hearted community. The class participants were moved by her feelings of distress and loneliness, and many identified with the fear and indecision she had faced around leaving a job and a house behind for the unknown that lay ahead.

She asked in a gentle and eager voice to the loving Higher Realm energy that was being channeled by the teacher, “Can I still move there and start over? I think I am ready now. I’m pretty sure I could manage it now.”Little House in a Tree Arboretum

The monotone and unemotional response caught her off-guard. “Yes, you can move there,” the Higher Realm energy stated, “however, you have missed the window of opportunity. That city would no longer be an area of ease and abundance for you.”

The woman was stunned by this answer

Asking for clarification, the woman asked, “Do you mean I should not move there now? But it is what I have been focusing on and getting ready for all this time.”

The Higher Realm energy responded, “The synchrony of people and projects that would have opened to you are no longer there. You may move there if you wish, but the path for your work will be filled with challenges.” The Higher Realm energy was affirming her free will choice to move to the city she had once heard was the place for her to be, but that the ‘ease’ would not be forthcoming.

There had been a shift, the earth was in a new breath, and she had missed this particular beneficial timing.

As you might imagine, the room was rather silent. Everyone was in deep contemplation about what “windows of opportunity” or “Divine timing” really meant in our lives.

What have each of us missed and what are we still hanging onto in our minds and hearts?

When we embark on a true Soul Journey to discover our God-self and our unique gifts and passions in this lifetime, we are also tasking ourselves to ‘listen deeply’ – wake up and take action when we get true guidance. And what is true guidance?

True guidance is when our intuitive Self recognizes the information as true for us, which means it feels right even when it does not make practical sense in the rational world.

The workshop woman’s heart had been calling out to do the work that most filled her with joy in a supportive community – and she had received information of where to go to be most supported – at that time. Her ability to be flexible was part of her life lessons, and she seized up in fear when the idea of uprooting her life was first presented to her. She moved this to her rational mind and, instead of taking immediate action on what her heart knew to be true, she began the long, arduous road of earthly planning.

She left her Angels, Spirit Guides and her Intuitive Self out of the mix – no longer invited to be co-creators with her in achieving her soul dreams.

She was going to do it by herself, trapped by fears of not having enough money and choosing the experience of not having enough friends to lean on for support.

Some would call this a ‘lack of faith’ and others would say it is an inability to vision a better, more expanded life for herself.

We can simplify here: “She missed that particular window of opportunity.”

And the real tragedy is that she held onto that one stream of thought, believing that the support in that city should last forever. Instead of living the embedded experience of accepting Higher Realm guidance and support, and meeting a new community and work environment, she chose to stay in the illusion of the opportunity.

Windows of Opportunity are built into our Soul Contracts!

There are lots of opportunities built into our Soul Contracts for deeper, more loving relationships, for financial abundance, for joyful and fulfilling work, and for genuine connection to Source (Mother/Father God) on a daily basis. We are constantly brought face-to-face with our inner fears that bind us down and keep tight restrictions on our life choices – this is what an ‘opportunity’ will bring up.

What is at the heart of our hesitancy? We crave the promise of abundance and security from Source – and I mean, the unerring PROMISE of abundance and security – that is rooted in rational mind thinking and not heart-centered living. We want guarantees!

Because of that fear, we move into rationalizations on how we should live our lives and we shut down the whispers in our heart that send us crazy and illogical ideas.

Dedication to listening combined with action is our greatest asset.

While there is no weekend workshop ‘fix’ to get every last fear out of the body and mind, putting dedication and perseverance to our own Soul Journey with particular attention to our inner guidance system is the path to hearing and following our “windows of opportunity.”

Author and healer Caroline Myss reminds us that Divine Timing is just what it sounds like: it is set up in the Divine Realm and it has a timing to it – a grace period. If you miss this one, another one will come along, but it may not be the same shape or size of the previous one.

Our greatest asset is our ability to be flexible, dedicated to listening, and willing to take action when the inner ‘nudge’ shows up.

Girl Statue Arboretum Overland Park KSLet go of what you have been holding on to – that moment has moved and changed.

Embrace the new “window of opportunity” your heart has called into being.

Blessings on your Soul Journey,

Robin Morlock