Is it a Skill, Talent, or Gift?

Many times in life we may desire to re-evaluate our path and open to new avenues of Doing and Being in our communities, careers, and relationships. Who we are, how we express and share ideas, and learned knowledge all comes to the forefront.

And it can be confusing!

Is it a skill that we have learned and it turns out that we are talented at it? Or were we ‘gifted’ with this ability, as some friends might say to us?

“Oh, you are so gifted at that!”

These three terms – SKILL – TALENT – GIFT – are used interchangeably in many environments, from the corporate world to a meditation gathering.

When we are changing pathways in life, we must know the difference!

To show up authentically and fully in a new endeavor means that we have spent time in reflection and personal examination of HOW we contribute to the world.

Many of us are looking to ‘follow our Dream,’ and that could indicate a new job, going back to school, starting a different business, publishing books, selling artwork, applying for a leadership position at a nonprofit organization, and so much more.

In order to lean into a new life direction, it is helpful to know the difference between our skills, talents and gifts.

Let’s Start with Definitions


This is something that we develop – we learn to perform – whether we wanted to or not. It may be necessary.

A skill can be in the range of learning to do laundry all the way up to training as an architect in school. As a trained architect, a person would learn basics on how to draw, design buildings, and work deeply in mathematics.

Training as a school teacher, a person would learn tried-and-true methods of how to teach to children. This does not automatically translate to the teacher being ‘talented’ at teaching others.

My example is that I worked in corporate jobs for many years and I was trained to be highly organized and efficient. I learned to be detail-oriented based on the work I was required to complete and I was taught ‘systems-thinking.’

This was not my deep love – my heart was not in this type of work – but I developed the skills in order to stay in that line of work and pay my bills every month.


A talent is where we have learned a skill, such as how to play the guitar, and then discover that we have an affinity for it. With a learned skill that showcases a talent, a person is naturally better at that thing than most others.

Accordingly, the skill level for that person rises quite quickly. The person has a talent (that is noticeable) for that particular learned skill. Also, it is highly likely that there is enjoyment in performing that skill/talent because the person is attracted to the activity, and thus, practices more often.

You may have read about practicing something for 10,000 hours to have mastery over that skill. This is highlighted in the immensely informative book, “Outliers; The Story of Success,” by Malcolm Gladwell. The research of this author shows that we can achieve expertise in a field by putting in (approximately) 10,000 hours of practice.

We find that most people who choose to put in 10,000 hours into something usually have an attraction or a desire toward that activity. But remember, we can become masterful at something and still not be talented at it. Talent is recognized by others and the talented person stands out in their field.

My example is that when I was younger, I participated in nine years of constant vocal training while in school. I was selected for specialty singing groups, performed in musicals and I participated in State competitions.

While I have a ‘nice’ voice, and I certainly have an affinity for singing, my years of developing and practicing a skill did not reveal a great talent! Nowadays, my husband is the lucky audience member for my joyous vocals.


This is innate – we have always had this ability. In fact, it may come so easily to us that we think it is part of our personality. We may take this for granted and not give it much credit.

We have no obligation to use our gifts. It is always there, so it is an OPTION to look for OPPORTUNITIES to exude, share, develop and enhance our gifts.

When we are in full bloom of our gift(s), we can mentor others who carry this gift.

Examples of Innate Gifts

  • Stabilizing Calm
  • Emotional Strength
  • Conceptual Visionary
  • Artistic Eye
  • Healing Presence
  • Compassion
  • Writing
  • Hope/Inspiration
  • Light-Heartedness
  • Idea Architect
  • Oral Communicator
  • Teaching
  • Solution Finder

Gifts are recognized as an over-arching quality or essence. It is not usually a laser-focused skill because a gift may be expressed in many ways.

Our Higher Self, along with Source and our Spirit Guides, will set up a multitude of opportunities for us to express and share our gift(s) during our time on this planet. A gift of compassion, for example, might be expressed in a career as a nurse. But also, it could be expressed in a career as a teacher of disabled students, or as a veterinarian. It would also naturally be noticed by the person’s friends and family and be greatly appreciated.

In other words:

Our gift does not necessarily lead us into one pathway of living.

Rather, it opens many pathways of contributing.

One of my deepest gifts is to be a ‘helper’ and to bring ‘encouragement’ for others. I embrace these gifts by being of service (when it is appropriate) for my family, friends, and spiritual community. This might take the path of sending a heart-felt card to a friend, or writing a thoughtful email, or sending an unexpected gift. I choose to express encouragement in my blogs, my novels, and in my class teaching, as well. I have ‘encouraged others’ since I was a young child.

Make Your List

If you would like to delve deeper into the examination of these three areas for yourself, my suggestion would be:

  • Open your journal or computer tablet and create TWO columns across the page. Title the one on the left ‘Skill’ and the one on the right ‘Talent.’
  • Take your time and write a list down the ‘Skill’ column of skills you have developed over the years. Think of your communications, your thought processes, your physical abilities, etc.
  • In the ‘Talent’ column, right across from each skill, put a yes or no if this turned into a talent, or you feel you are recognized by others for this highly developed skill.
  • Notice if any of the yes areas on your ‘Talent’ list came about from an affinity for the activity, and from many hours of practice.
  • Finally, at the bottom of your page, separate from the two columns, write the word GIFT and list qualities that you feel you have exhibited most of your life. Be honest and be specific. You might have always brought HOPE to others, but not necessarily BALANCE or GROUNDEDNESS.
  • You will likely find that you have no less than 3 gifts and probably no more than 7. Once you have these identified, look back through your two columns above and put a star next to anything on the lists where you now recognize that your gift shines through that skill/talent as well.
  • Write an extra paragraph below your Gifts List on all the ways that your gift is expressed from you in other areas of your life (personal relationships, spirituality, finances, business acumen, home design, nature activities, and more).

You may be discovering now how many wonderful innate gifts you truly give to the world – DAILY!

Another way to discern if it is a gift:

It will feel natural and it will bring you energy to do it.

Through many years of personal healing sessions and classes, I learned the difference between being a ‘helper – an encourager’ and being a ‘people-pleaser.’ The difference is obvious for me energetically. As an encourager or when I am naturally helping someone, I feel LIFTED. It is easy to do. When I am stuck in the icky energy of trying to people-please, I feel drained and it becomes an effort.

How to Grow Your Gift

By recognizing and appreciating your gift(s), it is easier to see when you are LIFTED by it, and perhaps how to bring more of those experiences into your day. Your awareness helps the gift to GROW.

If you are looking to change your career, focus on what is joyful for you, and HOW that lifestyle will be more fulfilling than where you are now. You may still need to develop some new skills for the transition, but the beauty of knowing your gift areas means that you are able to apply these amazing, innate qualities to your new path in ways that are ALREADY fulfilling for you.

Stay in the heart.

Pay attention.

Don’t rush.

Be focused and selective.

Your energy is finite and precious.

Treat it like GOLD. And spend it where you will find the most personal satisfaction.

Your Higher Self chose these specific Gifts for this lifetime. Build skills, allow Talent to exude, and appreciate your GIFTS as the way that your Soul will grow the fastest.

You may find my Soul Journey Courses of interest.

Robin Morlock, Spiritual Alchemist, Intuitive Healer & Teacher, Soul Support Writer

Classes and Sessions to support your Soul Journey; Dreams ~ Soul Journey Courses ~ Spirit Guides ~ Soul Vibration ~ Luminous Consciousness and more.



We often wonder if we are on a ‘Soul’ Journey when we are knee-deep in bills, deadlines, family commitments and cutting our sleep time to keep up with the demands of our daily schedule.

It feels more like a ‘Chore’ Journey.

And when social media posts flood in with smiling faces – “Enjoying my Best Life!” – we might even question if we are doing it wrong.

Breathe – Relax – and know this:

  1. We are not doing it wrong. We are doing what we have been trained to do by the modern world.
  2. We are on a Soul Journey, no matter what – but we may not be getting the answers we seek.

Our day-to-day can keep us spinning with familial and social obligations, continuous job training and work demands, financial stress, and an overabundance of technology and lack of time in nature.

And yet, we know in our hearts that REFLECTION time and dedicated HEALING efforts are a self-nurturing way to grow, transform, and begin to LIVE the Luminous Life we desire – AND – that Source desires for us as well!

But how do I fit in my Introspective & Healing Soul Journey?

As many people in my life circle are aware, my own Soul Journey started in 1997. My healing is thanks to the amazing presence of many Divine-Light Teachers such as Starr Fuentes and Selena Rodriguez.

My path as a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer took a quantum leap in 2014 because of my deepened dedication to ‘being seen’ (on the web), committing even more to my own LIGHT transformation, and offering classes & sessions more openly. In recognizing that I resonated with being a ‘Spiritual Alchemist,’ this lead me to explore new ways to blend the sacred and science with daily living.

Let me share THREE Spiritual Alchemy secrets…

Spiritual Alchemy Secret #1

You have to do this – this lifetime or another.

We find the time to deepen our walk with Source, our Spirit Guides, and our Inner Self because WE HAVE TO. This is the only way to begin living in balanced grace where we bring out our best talents, gifts, and compassion to the world. We cannot wish for this to magically happen.

YOU are worth your most precious time spent on revealing your Highest Blueprint for this lifetime.

We cannot be MORE for others until we are HEALED and LOVING ourselves.

Spiritual Alchemy Secret #2

It starts with small steps and builds to a natural state of Being.

There is no magic pill that will whisk us away to a life filled with butterflies and stars. (Okay, there might be, but we want an organic and drug-free life on this planet!)

It will require that we put one foot in front of the other (very third dimension/science based) and with the guidance of a trained Spiritual Teacher (the sacred element), we build a new foundation for the intuitive and grace-filled life we want to experience.

What DOES exist for us – in a super powerful and experiential way – is a life lived in miraculous breaths where:

We flow from one synchronicity to the next.

Our Intuitive Guidance is regularly ‘on.’

We see/feel/experience the manifestation of our joyful desires almost instantly.

We feel more grounded and greatly loved & supported on our unique Soul Journey.

Spiritual Alchemy Secret #3

The work pays off because the Universal Laws never fail.

After we dig deep and address issues and life traumas AND clear those out of our energy fields – we can explore our soul contracts and re-activate our Highest Blueprint for this lifetime. We become aware of working with Higher Realm Beings of LIGHT that are assisting us daily, and this co-creating is woven into the fabric of living a Higher Consciousness life.

In the Spiritual Alchemist world, we work from the place of consciousness creating our physical world. This has now been proven by the amazing Amit Goswami, Quantum Physicist!

It is a Top-Down Concept!

We are GREAT BEINGS of energy that have come to enjoy a planetary Earth life. Our physical bodies and the world we have created around us are results of our conscious thoughts and soul choices for evolution.

Universal Law states that what we create/think MUST be brought to us! It never fails.

So if we activate the brain with LIGHT, clear our blockages, and ground our energies, we will radiate Divine Light.

Divine Light emanating outward attracts grace, ease, joy, beauty, balance, abundance, and love.

Overland Park, Kansas Arboretum, Photo by Robin Morlock

Our Soul Journey opens us to Love, Joy, and Spiritual Depth.

These THREE Spiritual Alchemy Secrets boost our confidence about getting on path.

  • We will be required to do a conscious reflective & healing Soul Journey – it is in our soul contract – now or later.
  • Taking small steps is FINE – it adds up!
  • The Universe guarantees we will succeed and be successful in our quest.

My suggestion on getting started:

Find a Spiritual Teacher that you resonate with and commit to healing and discovering what your soul purpose is, how you are to express it best, and the peace that comes from healing your Inner Self.

You can do it alone, and it will take longer, but why do that?

We are here on this planet to be in community with one another! The authentic healers and teachers are out there, ready to assist you over the bridge from where you are now to where you desire to be – LUMINOUSLY expressing your gifts, talents and compassion for a world that needs the TRUE YOU.

Your Soul is greatly loved and supported always, and now is the time to embrace that essence by journeying deep to be grounded, balanced and whole.

You may find my Soul Journey Courses of interest.

Robin Morlock, Spiritual Alchemist, Intuitive Healer & Teacher, Soul Support Writer

Classes and Sessions to support your Soul Journey; Dreams ~ Soul Journey Courses ~ Spirit Guides ~ Soul Vibration ~ Luminous Consciousness and more.

Soul Journey: Higher Consciousness Living Shifts

Affirmations are offered by Energy & Intuitive Healers as a path to success, deeper love, more joy – essentially a Higher Consciousness Living plane of existence. If this is such a powerful tool, why is it that so many people find it fails them?

From a Spiritual Alchemist perspective, I have experienced what I term “the Higher Consciousness Living” shift by the combination of both Science & the Sacred – a blend that elevates our consciousness, health and peace over a lifetime of our Soul Journey.

Luminous Consciousness Robin MorlockWe live in (basically) 4 planes of energy – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. When we feel discomfort in one or more of the planes, we seek to make a change. That is our internal innate GPS – a guidance system that moves us always in a path of growth and expansion.

As many of us have learned, contraction or static living can hurt – literally. You feel like you expanded inside a box and the walls of the box are pressing in – you cannot breathe. When this happens, we are motivated to make a change, but many times we are trapped by the mental sphere. We imagine that we can ‘think’ our way out of the box.

4 Planes come together to effect the desired Quantum Shift

Affirmations are formed by our mental mind and this is a form of a cognitive behavior technique. We are changing our belief system by repetition of something we greatly desire that is different from our current experience.

To truly affect a change, what we are actually asking for (consciously or subconsciously) is an elevation of our conscious living state.

We want a quiet mind, free from worries.

We desire to be in loving relationships where people value one another.

We dream of a body that has energy and less pain or discomfort.

We crave an intimate conversation with Source and our inner Intuitive Self.

We need attention to all 4 planes, as they weave together and produce the noticeable and quantifiable difference that we seek. This is why so many people struggle when working with affirmations. They are pushing the mental plane to accomplish a herculean task; quantum life shift!

4 Ways to weave your Quantum Shift into Place!

Physical – This has to do with habits of living. You may be experiencing difficulty with your diet, your sleep patterns, exercise regime and pain management. Take the baby steps to institute the new habits, and be gentle in this process. Gentle means easing into the new habit with doable steps.

Mental – Here is where the affirmations and intention statements come into play. Write affirmations that are general enough to allow Source to ‘surprise’ you with wondrous new changes! Don’t limit yourself with too much specific language in your Affirmation. “Everyday I am loved by supportive friends.”

Emotional – Heartfelt Prayer and Appreciation thoughts will open and expand this plane. Many of us experience a ‘closed heart’ due to emotional pains taken on in relationships and life situations. Allow more grace to flow in!

Spiritual – Energy healings (like Reiki) will assist the body in pain relief, but are mostly geared to ‘filling up’ your spiritual fuel tank, bringing in peace and inspiration. Spiritual Initiations are necessary and come most powerfully through working with an authentic Healer, although these can also be prayed for in the quiet of your home. Initiations gradually seep into the cellular tissue, and the LIGHT re-patterns our DNA. Initiations also work like a large shiny net that pulls out karmic and emotional stings that you are ready to let go of – that you cannot hold onto in a next level consciousness shift.

Dimensions Robin Morlock

Higher Consciousness Living Shift

These 4 plane changes come about from a natural diamond (4 step) process. In order to move to the next level of Higher Consciousness, we must be willing to put attention in all 4 areas.

4 Planes to Higher Consciousness ©Robin Morlock
4 Planes to Higher Consciousness ©Robin Morlock

The Cycle

As shown in the diamond-process, when we gain this next level quantum shift into a Higher Consciousness Living state, we are blessed with vitality, creativity, inspiration, peace of mind, joy of being in the moment, and fulfillment in our growing closeness with Source.

One day we realize that the shift is REAL. We are no longer triggered by a long-time painful issue, and we find beauty-of-spirit and smiles in those around us. This is not nirvana, but a deepening of our inner Light that desires authentic and fulfilling experiences with others and our planet.

It is so subtle at times that we realize it with a small ‘ahhh…’

Once we recognize that a new layer has been revealed on our path, it is great to note this in a journal. I promise, it can be so subtle that you may not even ‘see’ it at first. Affirm it to yourself when you do have your ‘Ah-ha’ moment. Your appreciation will deepen the experience.

How long will this last? Every one’s Soul Journey is individual, so this magical combination is different for each of us. But as we continue to shine, and share our LIGHT with others, we will naturally reach a point of needing to stretch again. This is when you will feel some discomfort – the pushing at the walls of the box again.

Gift of YOU Robin Morlock

Your Gift to Others

As you reach your next level of Higher Consciousness Living, your aura will announce this to everyone else! You walk into a room and suddenly there are three people around you, wondering what you have been up to. They see/sense your LIGHT has grown.

Just BEING allows others who are in discomfort to gain assistance – their aura will pick up from your aura necessary ‘information.’ Energetically, we can assist others in igniting what they intuitively know to seek – and it is the first REAL step.

I look forward to hearing about your shifts and changes!

Many blessings, Robin

Rate Your Life Satisfaction to Create Better Life Choices

There are many ways that we measure our satisfaction or contentment with our life experiences. I remember a friend named Michael who continually rated his top experiences of FUN in a rating system. He would put memories of events in order from 1 through 10, with “1” being the highest rating. If a night out with friends rated a “3,” you can be sure he had a really great time!

Michael could tell you at any moment the list of events and the rating. As a new and fantastic experience showed up, he would bump a lesser experience out of the top 10 list.

What I loved about this: He could access his ‘satisfaction’ moments within seconds!

This quick access system was a way that Michael could change a ‘bummed out’ moment to a smile – because he memorized and recounted these times often in his thoughts.

What gives you a smile? Are you enjoying the journey of your life? 

We may feel happier overall in some areas of life than others – for example, I might be feeling fulfilled in my friendships, but generally out of harmony with my physical environment (where I live). If I know the degree of discontent, I can make specific choices to see improvements in that area.

My Top 10 List would include outdoor dinners with friends!
My Top 10 List would include outdoor dinners with friends!

Evaluate your level of contentment with the Life Satisfaction Wheel

This wonderful tool is a circle that is sectioned off like pieces of a pie, and you can label each section with an area of your life; Spiritual Alignment, Health & Body Image, Recreation & Rest, Romance & Marriage, and more.

Download WHEEL here.

Using the Life Satisfaction Wheel:

  • Use the suggested labels at the bottom of the page and place them on sections around the outside of the wheel.
  • Note that the Satisfaction rating is 1 to 10, with 1 representing very low satisfaction and 10 representing a great sense of satisfaction.
  • Look at one section at a time and evaluate your feelings of fulfillment with that area of your life. Place a dot in that section on the number that best represents your feelings.
  • Once all the dots are in place around the Wheel, you can connect the dots with a continuous line around the inside of the circle. This will look a bit like a spider web, and it lets you see clearly areas that are stretching the web (high satisfaction) and areas that are contracting the web (low satisfaction).

There is something very powerful about a rating system!

When we put a number to the level of satisfaction for an area, we feel more in control of making changes going forward. It is no longer just a ‘general dissatisfaction’ feeling – it is trackable, and therefore open to change.

If I have a ‘5’ on the Life Satisfaction Wheel in the category of ‘Community Involvement,’ then I might realize that I am not doing as much in my community as I would like. Perhaps I enjoy participating in fundraiser 3-mile walks, but I have not joined a walk for over two years. Looking at the ‘5’ helps me identify that I can make some specific choices that would change that number.

Love it - Not Love it Cycle

Allow the Wheel to be what it is – Accept and do not get negative

It is unrealistic to believe that we will have full 9 or 10 level contentment with all areas of our life at the same time. That would go against the Law of Cycles.

Accept what the Wheel shows you once it is filled in. You are being honest with yourself and there is no room for beating yourself up later. You are not a “bad person” for having a low number in the ‘Friends and Family’ category. You are a dissatisfied person who is actively looking to improve your life experiences.

 Life is constantly changing – so are your feelings about it

Doing a review every 6 months or so allows us to see what changes have occurred, and if we are on track for what we are choosing to manifest and accomplish in this lifetime.

My husband's favorite thing is planning our travel days!
My husband’s favorite thing is planning our travel days – His satisfaction is a 10!

Enjoy this tool – it is designed to help you take conscious steps toward a more satisfying experience on this planet!

Blessings, Robin